Enertion Sale Delivery

The nano X is on sale now (yaaay) but if I order one now, do I have to pay taxes and shipping from Australia? I live in the Netherlands. And when can I expect my delivery if it’s sent from Europe?

The next batch will ship from Europe. Belgium

So around when can I expect delivery in the Netherlands? Because I only ride around spring - summer time and when it’s delivered really late I’ll have to look for another solution :confused:

And I thought the shipping was free?

Shipping is free only if you spend more than $200 or $220 (can’t remember off the top of my head). It’s been started multiple times on the official sale thread.

But if something is sent from Europe why do I pay for Australian taxes and shipping? I’m just confused :confused:

Because of the cost of getting the goods from Enertion HQ in Australia to their European distributor, I guess.

You don’t have to pay an Australian tax, but I’m pretty sure that their standard shipping is just titled “Australian post” regardless of whether it is coming from Europe or the states.

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Hmm, makes sense if you put it that way. But still weird that I pay for getting post from Australia to Europe. Just the shipping is what’s keeping me from getting one. It’s half the product price as of now…