Enertion sale time again

Check the header folks.

Waiting for focbox to cheapen out more personally, I can’t forget Black Friday.

not particularly interested in a rape whistle :joy: But great prices on remote and wheels


Yeah, can not deliver the he remote to Russia, so if anyone can help me, would be great.

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lol u saw the WASP whistle too xD… It made me laugh earlier

theres a possibility for a eu groupbuy, someone could send it to you

Wheels are tempting… I was never quite sure, is it just the rear ‘outwheels’ that crack and fail, or the front too?

Based on that remote price it seems the new model (with screen) they teased a while back can’t be far off :thinking:.


whats the difference between the outwheels and the other ones? those 100mm’s look like rebranded mbs wheels tbh

EDIT: NVM lol its just a difference of the cores from what i can tell… looks like the front uses kegal style cores while the back uses the raptor cores

I need one FocBox as my board is dead… Just bit scared to buy right now as last time it was delivered 6-7months later :smiley: Maybe someone in EU/UK has one for decent price :smiley:

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Where did you read about wheel cracking on these? New to me

Although I have not tries them, the core is advertised as very strong - 97mm Ghost Super Strong Nylon & Glass Fiber injection Molded Core & Inner Radial Core

100mm Crossover Super Strong Nylon & Glass Fiber injection Molded Core

Maybe the thane, chunking?

What’ the feeling on these wheels in comparisson to ABEC11/Boa/Kegels/MBS?

Interested in opinions even if they are like assholes

Edit: Looks like the 97mm wheels are sold out


If you scroll up that thread you’ll see several photos of badly cracked wheels.

Guess that response from enertionsupport kind of answers my question. They wouldn’t be on sale if they were guaranteed ok.

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The problem is always the shipping cost. IF someone organize a group buy for the wheels I am in for a set of 90mm wheels.

I have a set of 90mm wheels.(4 wheels) in the for sale section Uk

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I was looking more towards the price they have now on sale. Thank you for the input anyway.

How much are they now? I can’t even remember how much I was asking?

they are 11.39 Euro set of 2 plus shipping

Good link. I scanned it and can surmise as so -

The ‘cracking issue’ seems to be about the thane and not the core, that is an important point

The thane appears to delaminate on the hub versions and not the front wheel, there has been some questions over whether they were poured in the same factory.

The 90/97mm appear prone to chunking.

The crossovers have a clone-like hardness, although some have said use them on trails/bad rural roads & you get the advantage. I read one report by @Battosaii who compared them to MBS wheels and found them too hard, not sure if he tries shaving them.

A shaved Crossover may be a good thing, the middle section which gets the contact looks even narrower than a MBS, they may like the MBS hold up well in regards to chunking to to profile rather than formula?

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So @CarlCollins how is it that my defect Nano-X can’t be replaced because there is no stock, and now you have a Nano-X flash sale…


Actually the 97 and crossover front wheels have the same problem they were made with the same formula. The only good wheels right now are the original front 90mm wheels they were made in California.




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Group buy? focboxes 125 each with eu shipping?

Nah, to much work.


I told everyone that we will be back in stock after 25th of June for NANO-Xes, and it’s 26 now :slight_smile: Now we are able to provide replacements as well as ship new orders of NANO-Xes

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