Enertion sends broken focbox

Hey guys I have recived my new focboxes today from eskating eu. One of them does not turn on. I opened it and the drv is soldered not correct. There is a short at the pins.

I mean thats 100% a enertion mistake and now my gurantee is away because I opened it?! I mean we order things to build our own boards and when you open it its to late? wtf

Did someone had a simular issue before? is there someone for the worst case except of @Martinsp to repair that? because I think he has no time atm.

@carl.1 I ordered like 7 focboxes before for several builds. And when I do a mistake I fully understand its my fault but not with a new focbox…




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What did eskating.eu say about this?

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I may be wrong, but isnt these supposed to be shorted? Atleast I think so. However I have also received brand new nonfunctional focboxes from Enertion…They have always replaced them though.


They cant help me bacause “I opened it” sorry but thats not fair you can see 100% there is a mistake. Thats pissing me off atm so hard I think you can understand 180€ is expensive enough :frowning:

looking at the other focboxes I have there it doesent look like that. And even that isnt the problem. The focbox is brand new and not working. Iam not to silly to put the xt plugs correct :joy:

I also think those pins should be bridged. I’ve seen it on 4.12 version. Think it’s pin 51-52 and 53-54 that should be bridged?. What do enertion warranty and eskating state?

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Ah. Didn’t see what you posted…

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I did not get a answer from enertion until now. I will. just wait.

These bridges are normal! Compare it with other pictures…

I also connected the working focbox to the side where the broken focbox didnt turn on and everything works fine. So please :sob::sob:

Enertion… enertion :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

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Iam slowly start to lose the fun at building. If its your own mistake ok you learn out of that and dont do it again. But spending 180€ for a focbox thats not working and then everybody is like haaw thats not my fault but thanks for the money…

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I’m 99% sure what they are saying is illegal. There is an european law which guarantees warranty for at least 2 years.

To quote from that link:

  • If your product breaks within the first 6 months , it is assumed that the problem existed when you received the goods, unless the trader can prove otherwise. Therefore, you have the right to a repair or replacement free of charge, or if this turns out to be too difficult or costly, you may be offered a price reduction or your money back.

As eskating eu is based in Italy this law applies to them. It doesn’t prevent them from saying it doesn’t, but in my experience pointing to some law is enough to suddenly make things possible. Just make sure not to use this when there is another way for the same result. People don’t tend to like it if you correct them, especially when it involves the law. Just my 2c…

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I already decided if I get a broken foxbox I’m going to ignore Enertion and all that *** and send straight to @Martinsp for repair (so far I’ve been lucky but have 4 new sitting untested)

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Oh that’s a pity :grimacing: Regarding the solder bridges, there are some as you can see according to the schematics.

I would check that and look if there is one bridge which shouldn’t be there.

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yeah thats true but I dont want to judge eskating.eu they are just sellling after getting it from enertion. But yeah thats somehow fail. Lets see what @carl.1 will say.

Thanks for the link but First Iam going to dont do anything with the box and wait for response.

Did you also speak with @fottaz ? Yes it’s an enertion product, but he sells them, so I would assume first to speak with him about it. Idk how it is in this case but usually the reseller replace the broken part and claim that than to the producer.


That’s what I would do too, this is just another step you could take before buying a new one or attempting a repair and losing your warranty entirely.

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