Enertion shutdown and hold my 923$!

Dear esk8 people, let me introduce myself. My name is Marin and I am amateur skate builder from Croatia. Please tell me what to do regarding next matter. In August 2019 I ordered several items from Enertion to make electric skateboard. I ordered dual focbox, dual motor, charger, remote etc… which in a month I never received, not even a tracking no. that goods were shipped, NOTHING. I sent them an email that I’d like my money refund but they replied they don’t make refunds but store it as my store credit?!?(I never experienced no money back unless order was shipped.) Ok than I wrote to them that I would like to modify my order and take only focbox, charger and remote so they modified my order and I still had 923$ as store credit, but my order never came, only charger and remote. I don’t want to be rude but WTF is this. Several days ago I saw enertion made shutdown and now what??? Who are these people, how do they run business? Collect our money and disappear? Please advise what to do. Is there a ckurt of justice where I can bring my case out , some kind of support service that deals this or I can forget my money?


Paging @onloop, Jason Potter, owner & Founder of Enertion.

He has returned to this forum to apparently offer advice to people. I don’t think he can help you, sadly, but if you’d like to talk to him he’s hanging around. He’s also now running a new store:

Sorry for what you’re dealing with. A lot of people were burned by all of this.

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@Marin1981 I am sorry to tell you this, but you money is gone. I know how much money this is for our Croatian standards and I hope that it won’t turn you against diy and electric skateboard in general. If you could, try to do bank chargeback (I am not sure if it’s even possible after more than 6 months - and where from could bank even return your money) Anyway, come and join us in esk8 Croatia facebook group, we could help with some parts and advices.

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Unfortunately @onloop would rather sell the remaining stock (that you and others already payed for) here: https://enertionraptor.shop/ Maybe you can shoot him a Pm and get a discount code or something for his new site… can’t imagine how much bad karma Jason has racked up these last few years


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Thanx for info. I will try to chargeback, I did payment through paypal, I’ll send them a letter. Certainly this situation won’t turned me down to build my electric beast. In the meantime I ordered two scorpion brushless engines and 2 their escs, BMS I have, and battery I made. Sorry I deleted facebook to set me free otherwise I would be member of Croatian esk8 group. As soon as I make board I will post it with pics, possibly video as well. Cheers

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Update for Enertion never see my order and never see my money. Opened dispute at paypal but unfortunately they do refunds and disputes within 6 months and since I placed my order on 10th of August 2019 they cancelled my case. Enertion is such a good company, they tell you all you want to hear, showing off with their raptors and then they rob you. SO FOR ALL OF YOU WHO PLACED THEIR ORDERS WITHIN 180 DAYS OPEN DISPUTE AND THERE IS A CHANCE PAYPAL WILL ASK FOR REFUND. As for me not that lucky😭


Yep. What’s sad is the owners of this forum @nelson and @mydutch fully support scammers obviously by letting Jason run around. So you won’t get any help here. See you at the other forum where we banish shitheads like this.

If they don’t support theives and I’m mistaken. I’d love to hear their point of view about this.

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Still nothing?

Yeah, still nothing, my money is gone with the wind

One thing you can do is contact chiefly. Not sure if that yields any results in the end but it’s worth a shot.

Bump! Until @GamerGirl sorts this out!

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@Thebumpydude not sure why your asking me this but I guess if you want to vent. Enjoy :upside_down_face:



Sorry I didn’t understand who do I need to contact. Can you be more specific? I don’t know what is your opinion about this matter but I can’t believe that someone like enertion can shutdown company and leave people wothout their money. Also that there is no some sort of legal service in Australia I can contact and prese nt them my case. In my country we have service ‘Consumer Association’ who protects us, buyers who deals this. Example you buy something in store and it’s broken and seller does not want to replace it you come to them and they do this for you, or if goods are not as in description. I think that all of us who were fucked by enertion we should dig further and find something similar in Australia if Enertion is from that country. Now I feel like an idiot cause I never experienced something like this and I buy bunch of stuff online. For instance from Amazon I bought remote for Nvidia shield and it was in my closet for six months. I unwrap it and it couldn’t charge, sent them a letter and they replaced it instantly in 3 days I had new one. At enertion I waited for parts for months, they didn’t want to give me my money back but kept it as store credit. It’s a fucking crime, I’m so pissed.

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Look at the sections on “Supply of good and services,” “Scams,” and “Running of companies.”

Now that liquidation has begun, you’d need legal representation to form a case because typically consumers are treated as the last debtors to receive any compensation during a liquidation process.

As far as I understand it you’d need to prove that Jason did something illegal during liquidation in order to make him personally liable. While there are many fishy things going on, nothing has been proven, and it would ultimately need to be proven in a court of law in Australia.

I think any costs you spend trying to recover your money will just be wasted. I’m not a lawyer or anything, this is just my two cents on what you might want to do.

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Bump bumpy

what a hot mess

that sucks. :cry:

Never be sorry for that. We are just ahead of everyone else. They will follow eventually.