Enertion space 10S3P battery pack + nano-x remote + 2 dead VESC + 2 jacob hub motors + deck + abec 97mm clones

Battery pack has about 15 charge cycles on it - 150$ Shipped

Nano-x + receiver 40$

Dead vesc 30$ each or 50$ both

2 jacob hub motor ( 1 perfectly working and the other had cut phase wires that I resoldered but never tested ) 160$ shipped

Abec 97mm clones 20$

Longboard deck with inserts for the space pro3 cell 100$ image



image image

image image image

Who was the battery built by? Looks a bit dangerous…


By enertion… Is that a serious question?

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Are those Samsung 30Q cells? With a bms for charge and discharge?

25R image

The nano x is 40 shipped to US?

40 + shipping

I didnt want to be the person to say it :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

I would bet money theres more rust than shiny nickel on those strips lmao

space cells sucked at keeping water out


How much do you think it would be to send to cali? I dont care how fast it gets here.

Idk 5 dollars maybe

Yeah they sucked

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You’re in US?

I’m in Canada

Bump still for sale

Bump still for sale

Did any water get in?

To this battery?

Almost certainly.

Sorry prody, I just can’t recommend someone buy a damaged battery :persevere:


What’s the least on the nano tech remote and receiver?

is the nano still for sale

Remote and receiver are sold