Enertion Space Cell 10s3p battery+ FAST CHARGER / Raptor 1 Carbon Fiber Deck for very low prices

Selling my Enertion Space cell 10s3p + fast charger for $280

Selling the Raptor 1 CARBON FIBER Deck with trucks/wheels for $185

all the cells are completely functional, and it works just fine. The deck only has a few scratches, and functions perfectly. Even comes with a front bumper.

Selling 10s3p battery/fast charger for: $280 + shipping.

Deck+wheels+trucks: $185 + shipping

Both: $425 + shipping

These retail for about $650 new

Pm me for pics/more info

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3p or 4p? …

Ok i edited it

Nice price

Updated it, by the way. You made me realize how low i really put it.

Still an extremely extremey good price. The fast charger by itself is like $100

Is this the malfunctioning space cell you posted about here?

There were 2 desoldered cables inside. Diagnosed It!

How much is shipping for the space cell + charger?

You tell me. Its about 6 pounds

where are you based?

Los Angeles, California

SOLD TO @joeadams101

@Michaelinvegas @mods please close this thread😂

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