Enertion Space Cell BMS

Hey Guys, There’s a deal I can get, It’s kind of everything you need for a simple one motor build. I can buy it really cheap but I’m mainly interested in the battery (the rest might make for a fun second board later on If I want friends to ride along.) This is the battery I am talking about: https://www.enertionboards.com/pages/diy-electric-skateboard-longboard-how-to-build-eboard-enertion-blog.htmlthe-best-electric-skateboard-battery-space/

My question now is: I’m planning on making a dual 6374 build, But that battery is rated at 60A through the bms. Would It be possible to switch out the bms for something a little more sturdy to handle the amp draw of 2 6374’s or just wire it directly to the battery and bypassing the bms?