Enertion SpaceCell on my Spud

Hola folks,

Yesterday I opened a thread about my Jet Spud build and since I pretty much have all the parts, I need help to connect things together.

First thing is the Enertion SpaceCell 10s4p I will get delivered this week, that comes with anything but the wires.

So, based on my research on top of my null knowledge about this (I’m a software engineer, not very good at electronics though), I came up with this parts list to make the battery usable:

What do you think? Am I totally wrong? :smile: I want to make it as safe as possible, no matter if I have to spend some more money.

I got the battery in a good condition and price, but maybe the process to make it work is too complex for me. Maybe someone in EU can help me with this? I can send it, I pay and you make it :smile:

Another option would be to resell the Enertion battery and get a ready-to-go battery+enclosure kit from Eskating.eu, but I prefer challenges :smiley: :smile: :smiley:

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

Have you considered the space needed under the spud for the space cell enclosure? You’ll probably have to use hubs for this reason

I’m planning to use reverse mounts so no problem, just need to find and alternative way to locate the FOCBOX case.

Plus ABEC 11 107mm are coming :slight_smile:

Of course that is not the enclosure for the Enertion SpaceCell, it was just an initial test for a 10s2p.

Any help? :frowning:

Can you post the dimensions of the space cell and your usable space within the wheelbase? Depending on your wheel choice, you may be able to stack the focbox on the battery. Do you have an enclosure?

Hey @Jedi,

Dimensions are 370mm X 140mm X 22mm, and there is around 50cm wheelbase.

I’m currently mounting 90mm wheels but waiting for 107s, will try both.

And nope, no enclosure yet, but I will make it myself with fiberglass.

My main concern now is the other parts that I still have to buy to actually make the battery usable.

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I’ve built 2 spud with dual motors, inside with no issues. A 10s3p flat are 10s4p stacked fits great with dual VESCs. You have to be specific with wire lengths and how you route via connectors, but it’s very doable.

I thought he was planning on using a space cell enclosure? Nvm i can’t read good


Nope, for the time being I’m waiting for @Eboosted that is currently designing a new one for the Spud, I hope the SpaceCell fits.

Otherwise I will make myself a fiberglass enclosure, it won’t look that pr0 but it’s ok.

So… no idea what do I need to connect the SpaceCell? :slight_smile:

I have this, but not sure:

Folks I need some help…

I’ve told that I should take a 100A BMS instead of the 80A I was proposing from Eskating.eu, due to the dual FOCBOX build.

Any other help with the schematics?

I read a lot but this is just too complex for me :confused:

Keep 80A I hve 80A with dual carvon FOCBOX 12S5P no problem


Cool, so you think I will be fine with that parts list?

BMS https://eskating.eu/product/10s-bestech-bms-80a-10s4p/321 Antispark switch https://eskating.eu/product/anti-spark-power-switch/42 Display https://eskating.eu/product/battery-percentage-lcd-display/121 Charging port https://eskating.eu/product/dc-in-battery-2-1mm-socket-with-dust-cover/21 Charger https://eskating.eu/product/4-amp-fast-charger/11

Yeah should be fine Antispark is not mandatory this bls has an integrated e switch

Finally ordered this one http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/group-buy-eu-bestech-bms-built-in-e-switch-new-round/42222/92

Still need charging port + charger + display.