Enertion Taking a Long Time?

Hi Guys,

I ordered 2 Enertion FOCBoxes on June 29th, and they still haven’t gotten here yet lol. I contacted Enertion support a few days ago and they said it would be another week till they got here, and I checked the tracking number which had plenty of updates and stuff. I was just wondering if this is normal for Enertion. These FOCBoxes are the last thing I need for my build.

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Enertion is famous for that :smiley: You will get those focboxes soon hopefully :wink:

Ah okay good to know lol. Thanks!

My last focboxes I think I waited around 4 months? Just something I have become used to.


Holy shit that’s terrible! Honestly once someone else makes an ESC as good as the FOCBOX (there will probably be lots in a few months after VESC 6 comes out!) I bet everyone’s gonna ditch Enertion.

I cancelled my focbox order a day after placing it when I realized it wouldn’t ship for an unknown amount of time. Ordered the direct FET controllers from Esk8.de and they where at my door in under 2 weeks.

I’ve been running 12s FOC with 0 issues for a couple hundred km now

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Same situation as you, apparently they shipped them but its been like a month

Both the VESC6 and the «clones» have been on the market for a long time now. Both better than the current Focbox. :grinning:

Yeah I was pretty pissed about my order to they told me to wait another wk another wk and another wk every time I asked. I mean I had to ask to get updates. I’m more upset about this than waiting time. I eventually cancelled it. U prob have to wait at least a wk. Even then who knows when. Whoever was doing my inquires was very rude too.(not mentioning here) overall was bad experience.


Sorry that they are taking a bit longer than expected. Can I bother you to PM me your order number so I can personally check it for you?

@harrypzee Really sorry to see that. Normal delivery timeframe is 7-15 working days as items are shipped from China. If your order is shipped using 4px then it will be there within a week (hopefully) as advised by forwarder.

Can you please let me and Bara know about tue details like 1: order Id 2: Tracking ld

I hope we will provide you a better update about it.

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Really sorry that you experience with Enertion was not that satisfactory. I hope we will have you as a customer again. Just to be sure, is your order already cancelled?

Can you let me know when your order get shipped?

Yes I was notified that it was refunded. Even this took me long I had to ask 2 times. The rude guy didn’t do his job and I had to come back and ask other helper, a wk later to resolve it. And it was done less than 12hrs.

I know he doesn’t represent the enertion. And I understand the situation of enertion at the moment. Partially I was upset for waiting as well and was being emotional. But he shouldn’t done that.

Anyways everything is okay now.

Tnx for asking collins

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Really sorry about it man. If possible can I have a little conversation with you on PM?

Sure thing

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Ordered one on June 28th, still waiting. An update would be appreciated.

Yup me 2…:neutral_face:

Let me know the shipping date of your orders or pm me the tracking ids

Customer’s not having updates on the tracking link. Try following these steps. 1: Open up your 17track tracking link 2: select courier service 4px Then you will be able to track it