Enertion truck axel not long enough?

I have a question regarding my enertion trucks. When I put the pulley in the wheel and put the wheel on the trucks, there is only a few mm of exposed axel on the outside of the wheel. Only enough to just get the nut on and penetrate the nut about 1/2 of the way through if it is fully tightened. These are enertion trucks, so I thought I wasn’t going to have this problem! I’m using 83mm Blank pro wheels as well.

Are these Enertion front or rear trucks? Sounds like front tricks. Please post picture if problem

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Both of my trucks have the same length of exposed axel. About 3.5cm on each. Maybe I was sent 2 sets of front trucks??

They seem to both be the same length. I already painted them black (they were enertion blue before)

Yeah looks like they sent you two front trucks bud. Perhaps you could cut them yourself or take them into a metal workshop and send Enertion the bill? (Check with them first) @onloop @carl.1

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@racidon That’s a bummer. I just emailed them now. Thanks for your help

It’s not that big of a problem tbh. If you have a grinder I’d just do it. Better than dealing with exchanging products. Also since you’ve already painted them it’s likely useless to them now.

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Yeah, it’s just too bad since the Enertion Trucks cost $30 more than Caliber 2’s and now I didn’t get anything extra for the money. I bought them to avoid using a grinder :frowning:

Where is the picture from the facebook post from? I don’t see it on this thread. https://www.facebook.com/Electric.Skateboard.Builders/posts/852808048188035

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@Hillso Not sure what happened to the picture but I just added it back

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Yep, 2 front trucks. Btw, since when do they make em in black??

do you have a dremel? It can save you a couple weeks of RMA hassle and return shipping…

take about 7mm of aluminum off of that hanger for each pulley and you’ll be fine. I’m doing Evolve pulleys in this video which need more removed, but the enertion pulleys only need the width of a regular skate bearing removed from the hanger.

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If u have access to a lathe be much more enjoyable and precisely doable

lathes are definitely nicer. I’ve raised dremelling these things to an art form but a lathe would be so much easier.

How many bent hangers has anyone come across that have been modified like this or even unmodified? I guess doing this doesn’t add too much leverage to become a problem but I want to cut it down 30mm and add a 101mm wheel. More than curious how it will go. I don’t think the cutting the aluminum off is the issue its more so increasing the span on the wheel side that is unsupported. So there’s the bearing that sits in the pulley which is at the new fulcrum and it now has an extra 7mm long axle and it’s leverage it has to deal with. So doesn’t matter really the cutting but how about the 101 long wheel I’m planning to make. ? Typical wheels are offset a bit adding a bit longer lever but 101mm complete distance from the fulcrum to end of lever/wheel is long.

I just tried to cut with a hacksaw. I have 2 problems. Is the newly exposed area supposed to have lines in it (I’ll post a picture)? Also, have I ruined it by cutting into the axel? :frowning: Here are a few pictures:

yikes. I’ll say just get new trucks at this point, you cut too far. This was why I also got the trucks from Enertion.

Yeah. I cut 7mm in but then too far into the axel. This is why I got the enertion trucks

Sorry for opening this old thread. You can just smoothen that out like longhairedboy did in his video. I have the same problem as you and its really annoying that i have to modify it cuz i have no choice, i bought the enertion trucks cuz it comes with a longer axle.There’s no point of me returning it as its too expensive and ive used it already.

Also how did you cut across without cutting into the rest of the trucks? Im planning on using a hacksaw just like you did in my school. I dont have the tools cuz im only 14