Enertion VESC cutting out. Nunchuck or Voltage?

I am running the Enertion VESC, Ollin 200KV motor, two 5s Zippy flightmax 5000Mah 20c in series for a 10s set up. First I will also mention I am a total newbie. What I am experiencing is, while accelerating every 2-3 seconds i experience a drop out. I see people claiming voltage dropout and are fixing that issue by adding capacitors. Then I see the others claiming it is the Nyko Kama. I will connect tonight and take screen shot of my BLDC seetings. I have heard some grumblings of the Enertion VESC What are were fixes that work for anyone else experiencing this issue?

Thank you in advance!

How long does the cut out last? Also, when you get a cut out, dont turn off the VESC, keep it on and connect it to a computer, than check for faults, that way we can help you.

@chinzw Thank you! as soon as I get some dry weather I will do a another test ride and see what I come up with. Thanks again!!

Just make it easy for everybody and post Screenshots of your settings. And check your receiver in the enclosure and the connection to the vesc. Make sure it is not too close to the power cables and it doesn’t touch any metal.

@Ackmaniac Posted screen shots and a pic of my kama receiver (which I assume is to close)! Thank you!

Set your maximum input voltage on the first screen to 57. It doesn’t matter which kind of battery you have. Always set it to this value. And raise your Motor min to -40 or higher like -60 to have better brakes.

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And set your absolute max current to 130A

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I have the same issue when I accelerate from zero speed to max throttle. My VESC is from esk8.de and I use Nyko Kama too. Now I don’t accelerate at full throttle. I do it slowly but enough to get speed. I don’t know if it is good for VESC. Someone told me the problem is Nyko Kama.

I have to say that I experience drop out when i accelerate aggressively. I have never experienced drop out running normaly

The cut out was a a pattern, about every 3 seconds it would cut and then almost instantly pick back up. I has been raining so I haven’t been able to replicate it to hook up to the computer and check for errors. On another note it also seemed to be less apparent when I rode it in our warehouse.?

Ok, I don’t know why, after 3 months of perfect working my nunchuck has become uncontrollable. Lot of random cutoff. BLDC says NO FAULT. I have change all wires and conections from zero. I have isolated it too and still with the issues…