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Enertion VESC delay solutions

So i ordered from enertion a month ago vesc and the 6372 single motor kit. as some like me might have ordered and know that its being extreamly delayed and for the reason i have friends visiting germany at the moment im thinking the best solution would be to order a vesc from Hobbyking and the 6372 150/192 kv turnigy motor while its still in stock and build my own pully system instead.

what you guys think of this esc? will it be good?

my battery setup will be 2x6s 5000mah lipo in parallel and drive kit will be probably the kegel kit from

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thank you i’ve missed this one :slight_smile:

In my opinion, you really don’t need a Vesc unless your gonna go higher voltage than 6s.
I’m using high voltage car esc’s with 12s voltage and it’s kinda touchy but with a little experience and skill with the throttle, its ok.
When I switch to 6s on the same esc, its very smooth and very forgiving.
So running low voltage (6s), you should be fine with one of the car esc’s that are in the list of decent car esc’sE-board Esc’s

VESC 50a 12s
DIY’s 120a 12s
FVT 120a 6s
FVT 180a 6s
Castle Mamba Monster2 6s
Castle XL2 8s
Hobywing EzRun MAX8 6s
Hobywing EzRun MAX5 200a 8s
Hobywing EzRun MAX6 160a 8s
Hobbywing XeRun XR8 Plus 6s

hi, thanks for the info.

but im wondering wheater this esc will be good since i do plan to switch to 12s after a while riding and i rather be prapered for it. the specs sound good but im not sure since im a noob if it’s actually work and if could program it for smooth start and breaking

also, not sure which kv is the best to buy. 192 or 245

Oh, and there’s this one im considering too

If your planning to go higher voltage later and want smooth starts and braking then you should stay with the Vesc.
I wouldn’t waste money on a cheaper voltage limited Esc that won’t fit your end game and I would not recommend buying an Esc that is unknown and unproven.
And you will need an Esc that you can program.
As far as Which KV motor:
245kv = higher top speed
190= more torque
I think it’s a matter of personal preference

@Namasaki thanks ale lot :stuck_out_tongue:
your comment really helped. i stay with the vesc and get the higher torque motor. hope i’ll be able to find someone with faster stock on vesc