Enertion VESC delay?

Since I havent gotten a reply to the e-mail I sent a few days ago [EDIT: I received a reply a really short time before or after posting this], and because this is probably a topic that involves quite a few people I’ll try my luck at a reply here.

Hello @onloop @carl.1 Is the new batch of VESC’s that was supposed to arrive 31st march delayed? It still says on your website that it will arrive the 31st which was some days ago. The order status is “awaiting shipment”

I’ve preordered 21st feb and been waiting since then, to be honest I don’t really mind waiting 1 or 2 weeks more for shipping, I would just really like to know when my VESC’s are going to be shipped.

If anyone else has contacted enertion regarding this matter, your input is also very welcome :smiley:

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I follow EnertionBoards on Instagram and this is what he posted there:


“So things have been delayed due to supply issues. Mid to late April.” - in the comments

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Christ on a cracker. Maybe i should just have a hundred of my own made so that i’ll never have to wait on any ever again.

Except everything I test and use and talk about goes out of stock. I did a video on how to notch NTM shafts and then they went on backorder. I repacked a 16Ah multistar and did a test/review and now they’re backordered. I got some evolve pulleys and did a video on doing caliber truck mods for them and now they’re out of stock. So when i get my VESCS, i’m not even going to mention having them. To anyone.


didnt you just do what you said what you said you where not going to do?


Oh well and so the waiting again begins. Thanks for the info

Same question for the end of March Raptor batch…

I dont mind to wait, but some infotmation or new shipping dates would be nice.


I wonder how difficult it would be to get a mass production of VESC’s from china or something. i mean theyre publicly available… Maybe we can do a group buy and research companys to create it…

Far fetched idea?

I think a lot of us european e-board builders would love that, since if we order 1 VESC at a time we prolly wont have to pay 25-30% tax + shipping is not crazy from China. I would definitely order 4 or more

I too have been wondering when they will arrive. Didn’t want to be pushy and figured I’d give it another week but its nice to know I’m not the only one feeling out of the loop.


The paradox is real

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RE raptors, waiting on carbon fiber decks!.. will arrive next week. They took 20 days longer than i was told.

sorry if you didn’t get this info…

RE vesc… buying 1000 vesc has brought with it some new challenges… mostly related to suppliers not carrying enough stock… they only way I get the price break is buying in 1000qty (eg 6000 mosfets)… so we have been talking directly with International rectifier & ST and mouser trying to make things happen.

the first batch of PCB were made wrong so they got scrapped! welcome to the world of manufacture!

if anyone wants a refund just say so.

Thank you for the information, i am just so hyped to get it ^^

So when are vesc’s coming then

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@onloop Also, will there be a delay on the space cell as well?

May. This is cutting it very close to my group ride. If they don’t show up before then i’ll have one running personal board instead of three, which means there will be fewer people. I hope this is the final delay. I need these by mid may.

Red PCBs means a 20% performance increase over the other colors. Good choice.


How/Why does red PCB mean better performance?

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You mentioned that the discount for the VESCs would be ending soon but on your site there is only a timer ticking up, when will the sale end?

It’s like a ferrari. If it’s red it goes 20% faster. It’s not true but @longhairedboy believes and he gets good results. Haha

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