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Enertion vesc flashing pink light - failed motor detection DRV8302 error


My first vesc ended up working fine, but with my second one when I powered it on I heard some kind of noise and it has a constantly flashing pink light. The BLDC tool can load and write data, but when trying to detect the motor it fails. Anyone know what the issue is?

Go to the terminal tab in your bldc tool and type “faults” without parenthesis after a failed detection and see what comes up.

It said no faults registered since startup. Do you know what the pink blinking light means ?

It felt a little hot so I checked the temperature realtime data tab and it looks like its running alot hotter than my other vesc.

My working one says the Mosfet Temperature is 24 degrees C shortly after turning it on.
My broken one has it at 44 degrees C shortly after turning it on.

Oh just noticed theres a fault code in the real time data charts.
It says: DRV8302

I just searched the forum for the error code and it sounds like I’ll need to replace the chip? It looks like in one thread @onloop mentioned the vesc is under warranty ( VESC blew up... Any ideas?!? (edit: solved) ) so can I send it back for a replacement? It happened as soon as I plugged it in the first time using the space cell.

That was how my first VESC died… (It was my thread that you linked)

It turns out it died because I had done a crappy soldering job with a 10$ soldering iron…

Could we get some pics of your VESC?

The only thing I soldered was the connector plugs for the motor, it was from the most recent vesc shipment so it came with the capacitors already on it as well. I’ll get some pics

ya, I figured it was from the new batch.

Still, I know someone else on here had a problem with a crappy soldering job that was from a pre-soldered batch.

The plastic wrap and the residue from removing the Enertion Sticker makes the photo a bit hard to see, but here are some photos. If its really important I can try to clean the residue or just remove the wrapping itself for better pics.

Dead on arrival. Warranty.

@onloop @carl.1 Should I go ahead and Submit a return via the Account Dashboard ?

Yes, please do.

Link this thread in your RA request so we know which one is yours. It will also show that we’ve already troubleshooted your VESC on this thread.

Ok, submitted. Thanks.

@carl.1 Is there anything I have to do afterwards ? It looks like the return is “pending”. Do I need to wait for some kind of validation, and then send you guys the VESC back ?

@carl.1 Nevermind, just got the authorization email. Should I remove the soldered female connectors from the wires before sending back or can I just keep those on ?

You can keep your bullet connectors, and just send us the VESC.

I have the exactly same problem. I have a 4.7 VESC from Enertion Boards. I just came home from my studies abroad and was really excited to start with my new vesc. At first my vesc is stuck to FW 1.10. Seems I have to flash the bootloader. Already ordered a stlinkv2 to do that. Then I read data from the vesc and putted the sk3 168kv data on it. After reboot I wanted to start it. After one turn it stopped working, flashes red, gives back a DRV8302 failure and the Mosfet temp is around 40 Degrees. Hope that is covered by warranty and I can send it back? You’d like to see photos of the VESC for that? As mentioned on the VESC Blog i checked for R16. But R16 is not installed so that can’t be the problem.

Hi Flo, All owners of Enertion VESC that want to submit an RA must create their own NEW thread with detailed information about the specific problems they are facing before an RA will be considered/approved. We ask for this because there have been several VESC returns that have been clearly damaged due to user error or have no faults at all. Also, there is a 60-day warranty on Enertion Electronics so please check the date of purchase.

Please read this

I just started a new Thread:

please let me know which additional information would be helpful :slight_smile:

Sorry I’ve been a little delayed. I’ll be shipping my package back this week. Thanks.

@carl.1 Just shipped it today, but it is via Registered Airmail so it will take around 3-4 weeks to arrive back to you. It will also require a signature on delivery. I included my authorized return # in there as well. I hope that is suitable. Thanks.