Enertion VESC from EU warehouse?

Hello, Is that true, that I can order Enertion Vesc from Eu warehouse?

Yes its True. I ordered a Vesc last week. On the tracking link i can See that the Destination place is Belgium. The Vesc will be shipped to me from Belgium.

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You ordered without R-spec yes?

YEs. Only vesc.

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Thank you!

I asked on the online chat a few days ago if my vesc would be shipped from Belgium and they said they don’t have facilities in Belgium yet? Would be handy to know if this wasn’t the case.

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This depend on where your from, and if their distributor have it in stock… But you don’t technically order from a specific warehouse, because they don’t have facilities all over the world, they use small distributor.

Enertion wrote: Hi,

You can order the single VESC and that will also be sent from the European warehouse.

Cheers! Kind Regards, Ossama Ahmed Customer Care, Enertion Boards

Two weeks later: Hello,

Thank you for your valued inquiry.

We do not have stock of VESC at EU warehouse. We ship VESC directly from US.

Regards Now I’m totaly confused. Where is true? @onloop

Same here! They said at the beginning that they will ship straight away after they’ ll get my payment. I had many things ordering. So i had my package, i was so happy to get it, and guess what, no vesc in package. Also no e-mails, no added notes why there is no vesc, no sorries. Come on! They should inform customer about any changes, isn’t it? I wrote them about my concerns, they said sorry to hear that, also that they send a lot of vescs to EU warehouse and it will be sended from there by end of the week.I was happy that they’ll come from EU so no that 22% tax and so. Of course nothing was sended, i contacted again them. Again they said that they were too busy, so will send it from EU warehouse in 5-7 working days. It didn’t came from there, it came from US, again no emails,nothing about that it’s sended from there. I wasn’t ready that it will come from US, i wasn’t ready to pay 22% tax for it, also i couldn’t leave it in revenue, because they charge 10 euros per day for holding my package. I sended email to enertion again about their communication problems and so. They again sorry for that, they can’t say anything about sending, so they will forward my e-mail to sending department. So still nothing, no emails…

Normally if somebody order something, company should inform about every step they do with order (how many time for getting package ready, when sended, from where sended, how many days for shipping) In my case only- thanx for order, i got just half package, e-mailing from my side, false information about sending from EU from there side…

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First: I chated withsupport guy and he said that all mechanical parts come from Australia to Belgium and vesc directly from USA. Then support guy said that only vesc/motor bundles come through Belgium to European customers and all the others directly from Australia or USA. Is it too hard send all products from Belgium warehouse?

Second: I ordered two bundles, but I wasn’t able to order anything else with these. Now I have to order 12mm motor pulleys separately. And thats grazy expensive, because shipping is 36e for 12e part and it is over 25e altogether so I have to pay taxes. There should be more more shipping options for small parts. That shipping is real sale killer. Why you can’t send pulleys just in normal letter which is very cheap. It would be nice to choose between 12+36+12=60e and 12+5=17e. @onloop

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Total mess… Is everything, what can I say…

I’ve received 5 Enertion vescs from USA but I’m from Italy…why:D??

Is it @nexty or @onloop who may be able to help with this thread? Does there seem to be a problem with the Belgian supply chain?

All our stock in Europe is sold out now. Getting more stock into Europe can only happen when we have surplus stock. Which we don’t have atm. And it would take weeks to build that stock level up and never are the customers prepared to wait.

The vesc is made in usa and we need to send about 200 into Europe each batch to make it feasible. But we don’t have 200 in stock at them moment.

Demand is outstripping supply & international logistics is challenging.

So for now we are shipping vesc from USA direct.

The r-spec and vesc bundle will ship from Europe.

Note: You can buy vesc from @elkick if you want it sent from inside EU.


Anyway, I’ve ordered only Vescs the 8 sep and arrived the 16 sep from USA to Italy, really fast :ok_hand:

Thanks for getting back to me @onloop. Mine was ordered on the 6th August. I have the feeling it may be lost somewhere as enertion support helped me track it. The link that support sent me wasn’t working but when they tracked it they said it had arrived at the Belgium warehouse on the 1st of sept and was being sent direct to me from there.

I remember you saying: After the first preorder batch you will never run out of VESCs :smiley:

Having less than 200 IS not “running out”. You could never run out with a constant inventory of just 1. Does not mean you have an endless number on your hands at every time.

I just meant that he will not have problems with the stocking anymore. in a funny way… :rage: