Enertion VESC issue

I setup and used my Enertion VESC for about 30 miles and all of the sudden it just stopped working the last time I went to ride my board. Have the red blinking LED on the outside and can still plug into with PC but it says no returned faults.
Two days after installing the VESC I received the email on the VESC shorts from the power cable making connections with the pins. I rectified this issue by removing the pins and rode 20 more miles before I had this blinking red light issue. I switched out the VESC with another one, and the board worked fine. Also tried hooking bad VESC up to another motor and battery and the problem continued.

Some pictures:

VESC motor wires, soldered on 5.5mm bullet connectors covered setup with heatshrink.

Current pictures:

Are any of the wires pierced?

Looks like you shaved the top off of one of the capacitors with a blade when removing the heat shrink.


Fortunately, the Enertion VESC is covered by the BEST warranty in the esk8 industry, The VESC Platinum has 12 months instant replacement warranty, did you buy the Platinum Version?

If you didn’t buy the Platinum Version you can buy the warranty separately now: http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/1yr-vesc-replacement-warranty/

NOTE: damaging the vesc with a knife is not normally covered by warranty, but as you were trying to fix it based on our advice we will cover it as a gesture of goodwill

All I used to fix the VESC was a pair of wire snips, and it worked for 20 miles after making the adjustment. At work but will take a look at it when I get home.

Thanks for the responses!

Doesn’t blinking red light mean lost receiver connection?

Do I need to buy that warranty to get a new VESC?

I would like to know this too, what does the blinking red led mean ?

Yeah. You need to buy the warranty. They will try to repair it if possible. If not, they give you new one. Mine is being repaired atm. It was delivered to the manufacturer about 2 weeks ago. So it might take a while…