Enertion VESC R6 missing - normal!

After reading http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/identify-part-on-my-vesc/7016 I checked my two VESCs that i got from Enertion in July. I noticed that R6 is missing on both of them - is that normal? Can’t remember to have read about that issue somewhere already so wanted to ask you guys.

Edit: Looking at images online of other VESCs this seems to be indeed normal. Anyone knows why the R6 is omitted but the PCB not changed?

If used it is a 0 ohm resistor anyway, schematic notes that its used for USB host. The BOM has it listed but 0 quantity and Do not place.

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Should note, I Have not seen a VESC in person yet, Waiting for my Raptor, But I did download the schematic and BOM from Vedders website.

R6 just applys 5v to pin 1 of the USB, I assume all connected devices have there own power supply, so not needed.

R6 needs to be omitted, thats correct that way.