Enertion VESC Spec

Will the Enertion VESC work for a 12s 44.4v battery or will it fry it anyone know?

It’ll work. Just put the right voltage settings in it.

make sure you have the version with capacitors rated for 60V

I didn’t know there was a difference from the reg to platinum lucky I got the platinum. Thanks guys.

platinum is the warranty, to find out which capacitors do you have they sit on top of the vesc near where you plug the battery, in general there are 2 or 3 and they look like this: https://sc01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1XZxILXXXXXXQXpXXq6xXFXXXM/382LX473M050B062VS-Aluminum-Capacitors-47000UF-50V-20-382LX.jpg_200x200.jpg

You an see this is a 80V one, if you have the 60V you are fine, if they are 50V because you use 12S voltage you need to replace them with 60V ones (12*4.2V = 50.4V, exceeds the max rated voltage of the 50V ones, also not counting possible voltage spikes)

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