Enertion Vesc with drv8032 fault code

When I press throttle on my vesc, it blinks red 3 times and does nothing. Has any one had this issue?

fault code, hook it up to bldc tool and check the code

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How do I check the code? Is it under real time data?


connect vesc, hit realtime data, check activate sampling, then press throttle.

if you have been using foc / been unlucky you’ll get the drv8032 error :frowning:

So I got the fault code drv 8032, what now?

Motor detection was fine and I had my limits on the default settings

replace drv8302 chip

Is it my fault? Doees enertion have this under warrenty?

did you buy platinum? Should be covered if you did. They also warranty their electronics for two months without it IIRC. We’re you using FOC?

No I bought the vesc when there was no platinum option. I also only did motor detection on bldc on 6s and 10s. After that my vesc just quit.

Post some close up pictures of your setup. If you lucky we may be able to help you out

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This one is before I connected the vesc to bldc tool

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It is a vesc with one of the 50v capacitors so I only put NiMh batteries, 6s and 10s instead of my original 12s plan. Motor detection failed on 6s but worked on 10s

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and your motor leads and battery connection

I’m not sure nimh batteries have enough punch to drive the motor properly

I used them the first time to check for the bldc settings

I didn’t use NiMh for batt detection

not crazy about this:

but i don’t think this is the root cause of your problem, your mcu would have been roasted

That’s just the clear heat shrink