Enertion VLOG - A behind the scenes look at a small Esk8 Company

Also I think people would like just some VESC videos from you.

No problems, ill make sure i do some VESC videos… Ill be getting the US factory samples soon so ill do a video of them.

do a step by step video on this esc , so i can assemble it . my personal battery doctor is only available 10th march . in the mean time i can watch the esc video .

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Like the idea. Potential topics: *some you’ve done before, but seeing how quickly eboards are evolving an update might make sense.

  • Upcoming products, i.e I’ve heard you mention potentially offering a more powerful space cell.
  • customizing VESC settings
  • board shapes/enclosure ideas
  • raptor specific updates
  • guidance on type of board (satellite vs hub, single vs dual) to build or buy for common needs/wants, i.e. similar to your motor diagram, but with examples and video (uphill on single vs dual, etc).

Sneak Peak at the New Enertion Remote Controller Prototype…

TOP SECRET ALL-TERRAIN WEAPON - With @psychotiller abs case


Holy shit! That looks amazing. Love it


I was just planning to make one of those to carry in my backpack. This could be so handy when heading out to the beach and skate around all day. I’ve made a thread about it just recently.

Q&A With enertion founder.


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Really informative video. Thks Onloop.

Some Business Advice for Entrepreneurs

Part 1 of my garage renovation… need more room for this business to grow!

Finally finished my garage remodelling…

My computer was disconnected for a few days so i couldn’t edit them daily, so here are all the videos in a bunch

Wow. Didn’t know you made all these videos.

Would love to see a new thread just like it titled …at a big esk8 company.