Enertion vs Torqueboards VESC 4.12

If you had a choice between both which one would you choose and why? I can’t seem to find any differences with them and don’t expect there to be any if they’re both made in china but want to know if there’s a quality difference in pcbs or if one is more prone to break than the other, etc.


I have only had experience with Torqueboards and so far so good. Used two in this build: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-build-using-psychohubs-10s-sensored-foc-video-added/13847 Put about 50 miles on them so far. I have never bought anything from Enertion and don’t ever plan to.

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Vesc-x all the way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Vesc-X is too expensive for my first build, that’s why I’m focusing on vesc-4.12

I don’t think enertion is still selling there old vesc… :anguished:

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I found one for sale new for the same price as a new torqueboards one

I have one from each. the enertion is actually 4.10 since it was only the 2nd batch of vescs. both are working fine. unless you’re in a rush you can get one from maytech for 80 on the us groupbuy.

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Torqueboards all the way…Especially if you live in the US. Fewer reported failures and solid US support. No brainer.

@saul, Yeah, I am in a rush. Which is my main issue as I try to get everything in to start assembling.

@Ulfberht, Is @onloop not located in the US? I think they both gave had their fair share of issues based on what I’ve seen throughout revisions

He is one of our Austrailian brothers. :v:

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I’ve used Torque’s, Ollin’s and a couple of the chinese cheapies.

I’m pretty solid on Ollin VESC’s being the highest quality.

I’ve messed up a couple from both Torque and Ollin. One from Torque arrived with a drv issue, but he was really quick to offer a replacement. Great service!

Ollin is top notch and always a valuable resource for quality parts and information.

China? safe to say you can’t ever be sure what you are going to get or when you’ll get it.

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Couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve learned so much following his posts on ES and here that I don’t know where I’d be without his contributions. I’m extremely grateful! @Chaka Love you bro! Thanks again! :v:


Agreed that Ollinboards is the best quality but also the most expensive. That’s why I was inquiring about the other 2. Thanks for all responses!

I’ve bought a Torqueboards as there were a few other things I wanted to get from him.

All the latest VESCs all have higher rated components as well. BTW. Price point stayed the same. :smile_cat:


Did you upgrade to the 4.12 bom… so they won’t miss cap c26?

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Yeah, actually. I specifically told them to mount C26 but it wasn’t mounted. So far though these new ones are holding up even better due to the higher rated components.

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You should put up a pic to show how clean they are assembled. They are pretty slick looking.

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I’m starting two vanguard builds with dual torque boards VESCs each tomorrow. I’ll report how they work.

@torqueboards I might be requesting support by chat tomorrow, hope you are available =)

Sure thing. We’ll be around.