Enertion what is happening there

Has anyone been able to get a reply from enertion lately? Because despite countless emails there once doddgy and unreliable efforts to reply are now non existent


No i dont think anyone has been able to get a hold of them they’ve been pushing back shipping dates and some customers who ordered a long time ago still havent gotten theirs

Yes yesterday @CarlCollins answerd my email within 24 hours but it wasn’t a demand or negative. Just wondered about the tracking number and I got a reply less than 24 hours later.

1 of 5 mail got replayed the rest still no feedback yeah but I’m done with dealing with Enertion from now on.

Ive also had contact with @CarlCollins the last couple of days.

I just ordered a nano-x from their site. I thought he was legit but I guess I should have done more research. Did I make a mistake? It showed in stock. I hope I won’t have to wait that long for it.

Since you bought a remote they have had for a long time you’ll probably get your item. That being said I’m not a fan of the remote. Much better options available

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What’s your favorite. I really wanted a unity since it’s used in so many builds I figured it would be a good investment. Thought the remote was considered good?

Here this is a good read


I’ve had the nano-x and it’s a pain having to calibrate it each time. There’s been reports of failures from other riders as you’ll read in that link. I have a Hoyt for reliability, but it is kind of a weird fit in hand. The trampa wand is coming out and that looks promising.


Mine had a failed charged port. The calibration is an ass. So is the company (CEO at least)… Now trying out a VX1. Feels more premium, no calibration and but still have to see about the reliability.

After about a year riding with my nano-X it started trying to kill me.

Calibration every time, sticky throttle, cheap construction… This is all not too bad but when even after setting your failsafe having the remote reboot and think neutral is full throttle all while you are coasting, or just go full brake out of nowhere, or just not respond only to wake back up into full brake for half a second into full throttle into coasting and full throttle again 2 seconds later… I liked the remote for a while, but not anymore. I am meticulous when setting up my remote in vesc tool. It’s not the receiver, I padded that with caps to make sure, the remote itself is just constantly doing weird shit. I tried reflowing solder joints all over it, and it seemed to help a tad, but it was only placebo.


You know better dude…

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Honestly it was alright for a while and I thought people were just ragging for no reason. Sure, cheap, shitty, hassle of a remote… But those honestly were never dealbreakers for me. I didn’t listen though and kept using it.

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Wash your hands son…

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dang. nervous now. remote signaling full brake randomly is something I never want to experience. Maybe i should try that VX1.

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There needs to be a monthly public service announcement warning people about the nano x…

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I just tried for more than a week to get in touch with Enertion because my Raptor broke down from one moment to another. I opened a support ticket, I wrote them by email. NOTHING!!! What’s goin on? Was i scamed? What about “You Ride or We Pay”? just bate to get people to spend their monney? @CarlCollins Could you pls tell me what is going on??? Thank you

He doesn’t work for enertion anymore

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Hey man. That doesn’t mean he can’t still tell him what’s goin on…


True. I was just letting the guy know how fucked it really is

You need to file a chargeback with your bank immediately, faulty products are one of the protections your bank will cover.

You might also want to file a complaint here if you think the product is https://www.productsafety.gov.au/contact-us/for-consumers/report-an-unsafe-product

Don’t delay on getting the paperwork done for the chargeback.