Enertion Wheel Pulley Wobble Issue

I recently purchased the 12mm pulley kit from Enertion and have noticed significant bobble in the wheel pulley. My build is using 90mm Abec11 flywheel clones and 180mm paris trucks. I am wondering if this level of wobble is ok or if this is a problem I should resolve with the seller. Should I buy an aluminum wheel pulley instead? Here is a video of the issue: https://youtu.be/6RH8-RPsxcI

You should be fine, my pulley has about the same amount and it works fine. This is why belts are flexible :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the help.

No problem, if you have any problems let me know because it shouldn’t affect any thing.

Ok so I just tested the the drivetrain and noticed that when spinning the wheel, the belt is either too tight or too loose because of the wobble in the pulley. This results in the belt slipping when any significant torque is required. I’d assume that this is bad for the longevity of the belts. Is there anything you’d reccommend tht I do to fix this?

Hmm can I see a video of your issue? Like I said before I haven’t had any issues and mine wobbles about the same

I wasn’t tightening the belt enough, it sees to be working fine now.

Wobble is not ok. It will create pulse. (the belt tightening and loosening) This will lead to belt failure, bearing failure in your drive wheel, and bearing failure in your motor.

You most likely can fix the issue by making sure it is flat and centered up while you tighten the bolts. You may need to loosen bolts and do the process again until the wobble is gone.

If it cant be fixed with adjustment then it needs replacement.

And for the record, belts are not stretchy. They aren’t flexible lengthwise. If they were, they wouldn’t be able to do their job.

I run my belts fairly loose for decreased drag and less stress on motor bearings. The only time they skip is if I apply the brakes really hard. Never while accelerating. It may be different for a single drive though. Your wobble problem might be in the wheel. Try mounting the pulley on a different wheel. I have seen clone wheels that wobbled like there was no tomorrow.


@psychotiller The pulley I use just snaps into the wheel, there are no bolts to tighten. I guess that I have to message Enertion to get a refund. @Namasaki I’ve tried mounting it to all four wheels and they all behave the same.

Did you try spinning the pulley by itself without a wheel attached ?

I’m using genuine Abec 11 wheels with machined aluminum pulleys and I have a little wobble on one of them. I’ve tried and tried to fix it by tightening the bolts and cant get rid of it so I just use it as is.

Thanks for the info. I am only saying that the small amount of wobble in his pulley is very very similar to mine and mine works fine. I am not saying that wobble is ok, I am just going off of my own personal situation.

Just tested it without the wheel and it has the same wobble.

maybe you should contact customer support and see if you can get it swapped out.