Enertion wheel wobble

While working on my board I was trying to find the source of some noise. It turned out to be the belt scraping. Further inspection I found the drive gear on the wheel didn’t seem to run true (single drive). I removed the gear and checked all the wheels. What I found was 3 of the four wheels have a noticeable wobble. Trust my luck to have my gear on the one with the worse wobble.

Anyone else have the same trouble ?

What wheels should I replace them with ?

Does the bearing sit well? Maybe you can adjust it!? Besides it is easy to change the wheel to have the drive train on the best wheel…

I’ll try to reseat the bearing. Good idea.

If you have done so please report back that other people can learn from this thread :wink:

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You need to put a spacer between the bearings and tighten it down. And then check for wobble. First by gripping the wheel and trying to wobble it. If it’s not solid, then your bearings are the problem. If it feels solid, spin it and if it still wobbles, then it’s the wheel. Note: with clone wheels, it’s kind of hit and miss. Some are good and some are wobbly.

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tightened or not, that wobble isnt ok. I would ask for a replacement, at high speeds this is probably undriveable.

Re-seated the bearings and even swapped them around. Still the same wobble.

Thanks for the details advice @Namasaki. Already have spacers in all wheels. The worse one I made sure it was tight and it had no play in the bearing. Wheel itself still wobbles :frowning:

Agreed with @Namasaki Some wheels have too wide a tolerance and it can leave the bearing sitting off center on the wheel hub. It may also seat the bearing too wide, making the spacer pretty useless and squashing the bearing onto the wheel hub.

I do agree with @whitepony It will wear out faster and is kinda unsafe… Especially with the speed we reach with our Boards…

I’ve had the same problem - am using enertion’s insert. Ended up just buying a new one from enertion. I should probably have just bought a new bearing given the feedback so far :frowning: . Tried commuting yesterday to work - the board did not like it - LVC kicked in after about 3 miles.

I also used to have very bad wobble using my Enertion wheels. Just couldn’t get them wobble free. So I’m not using them anymore. Anybody wants to buy them :slight_smile: ?

Replaced them with some Flywheels => no more wobbling on the non-drive wheels, still slight wobbling on the drive wheels using the Enertion extruded drive pulley.

Then I bought some bearings with integrated spacers for the drive wheels => yeah, almost no wobbling anymore.

Hi Pb1 - do you have a link to those bearings?


To be honest, I don’t remember which ones I bought …

Something like these make a lot of sense, especially on the drive wheels, these are even ceramic https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/bearings/70875/zealous-ceramic-built-in-bearings

Or the cheap ones: https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/bearings/32931/muirskate-beasto-bearings

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