Enertion Wheels and Pulley, plus 350kv Alien Power Systems 63mm motor

Hey guys! I am parting out my street board to save up for a mountain board I am making in the near future. Here I have for sale a set of 83mm Enertion wheels with the 36t aluminum pulley attachment, as well as an Alien Power Systems 350kv, 3200w, 63mm motor. It has a 10mm shaft. The motor is able to accept up to a 10s lipo and got me up to 45 M.P.H! The wheels are in amazing condition aside from small wear on the wheel with the pulley due to the fact that I didn’t ever switch the wheel the pulley was on. The motor, on the other hand, operates perfectly but makes a kind of “scraping” noise when being run. It reaches max RPM just fine and operates normally, just makes a minor scraping noise when run. You may see in the pictures there is also electrical tape on one of the phase wires, this was to protect one portion of the wire where the insulation came off.
(Prices are negotiable, but you must pay shipping)

Motor Price: $35 U.S.D

Wheel set price plus pulley/bearings/spacers: $45 U.S.D

PM if interested!

where are you located?

Pennsylvania, USA