Enertion "winning" controller won't bind

I have run through the binding steps for Enertion’s new Winning remote, and it doesn’t seem to be working. I have run motor detections on both motors and they are working fine. The LED lights would indicate that they are paired, but I can not throttle. Is there a way to re-pair the remote? The binding plug is doing nothing.


Remove bind plug before turning off worked for me

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You and me and at least one more person has this problem

I just recived my controller and cannot figure out how to connect to the vesc there is no wires supplied to connect to the vesc, can anyone help??

It was Super easy to bind, vesc in CH1, bind in bind, start everything with the binding button pushed in on the remote! let the button go and remove binding loop.

You need to buy a servocable, go to the RC / hobby store and get one… i bought 10 from aliexpress for like 3dollar.

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Thanks Pimplaren!

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