[enertionboards.com] Focbox sale | €118 | £104 | $139USD | with free shipping | 2 days only

For everyone who doesn’t get emails from Enertion, they are having a Focbox sale with free shipping for 2 days.

For now you can also get an additional 8% off with coupon code: XcStEg But I don’t think that will last long before it gets removed.


Do you know where it ships from?

Don’t fancy being suprised with import tax

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$138 isn’t much cheaper than the $155 I can get from @longhairedboy or @jlabs who ship incredibly fast (local, United States).

Unikboards seems to also be matching their sale price.


Unless things have changed, they ship from China. My orders from Cyber Monday got delivered to me in Germany with no added import tax, so you might get lucky.

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shipped last month from China to UK for mine (no taxes)

If you are fast and use the coupon code before it most likely gets removed, it takes the price down to $128USD with free shipping.

Both BKB and longhairedboy have them for $155 and listed as out of stock. BKB has them as out of stock in the description but listed as available at the bottom of the page.

UNiKboards has them for €139, when sale price with coupon is €109 through Enertion.

Of course with anyone buying in the EU there is the chance that it will get VAT added on to it when imported, but you can also get lucky.

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Ouff if only they did this when people got paid

hmmm, maybe they prepay tax I know that can be done.

Either people are getting lucky or thats true

Pretty sure it’s just people getting lucky.

If that is the case then I will get hit. I always get hit with import tax

Just woke up and realized the sale was today. I changed the price down to $139. I also just got tracking info for my next batch of FOCBOX so I will most likely be the fastest to ship in the USA (compared to directly ordering from Enertion).



Damn I would have ordered from you I got one from enertion this morning.


Are you doing something like this

I just asked and they said that they label the package 140$ so unless you are REALLY lucky you will pay the fees


Thanks @Moros,not a huge way off the black friday price(about €83 iirc), €108.07shipped

I’ve got too many focbox cases - 5, enough for 8 individual focboxes, but only 5 focboxes spare.

For me I’m going to sell off a couple of cases and get going on some H/W v6 or Unity when the time comes.

Useful post, wonder what the Unity will do to focbox pricing


They always say that in the chat. Everything I received from Enertion was crazy undervalued. Remotes were valued at $2 each and FOCBOX’s at $35 I think.

oh really? that’s cool, im tempted to order but i hate messing with customs so… everything above 20$ goes thru customs here in croatia

uurrgggg. I am just in the planning phases for my trampa… Must. Resist.

Damn I would to order one, as my one blown yesterday, but again I have parts to fix it up… Also I am bit tired to fix them changed 3 drv in last month… Blown even on low current settings :frowning: no heat problems or etc… Guess going to buy another one…

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Be careful guys. Chinese holidays are coming up, so delays will most likely too! I don’t think shipping will be earlier then early August ; )