Enertion's Nano x broken fixable?

So this happened when unplugging my nano x.

I switched to the 2.4 mini but it’s damn weird as the wheel on the side moves the motor and not the finger throttle. This thing is big compared to nano. Anyways to fix it?

Ask enertion support should be under warranty.

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Are you using the nano receiver with the mini controller? If it’s the mini receiver you should just be able to plug the esc into ch2? This should make the trigger the throttle?

Hey @NYCeboardDude Email me at [email protected]

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@bigben ah I see, it’s plugged in ch 1 ill switch it. @barajabali will do thanks.

Report back and let us know how you get on?

Just emailed tech, hopefully i can get this fixed. It just started snowing here in NY so I haven’t even been able to street test the mini remote but already hate how big it is.

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You know you can unscrew the little cross head screw in the middle of the wheel and the wheel pops off? I also sanded the little nubbin off where the wheel was. It makes it a little more pocketable! I know it’s not tiny but it’s rock solid.

I recently charged my nano x, and saw that the connector is also comming loose, if i push gently on the cable sideways, it stops charging. Maybe sooner or later it will brake too.

@bigben took off the wheel little less chunky I guess. Switched to ch 2 now trigger works, thanks. Short vid.


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Have you emailed to support to check that your order is under warranty or not? There may be more resolutions. Please email support ([email protected])

I ground this down on a belt sander.

If you’re in NYC I might be interested in buying your mini remote

@barajabali @CarlCollins is it possible to get a mouser/digikey part number for that microusb so it can be ordered for people to replace on their own?


HI Scepterr

If order is under warranty then it’s best to get replacement instead of repair.

Assuming it’s not, can I get a part number?

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Im sure this one fits

Amphenol 10118192-0001LF

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