Enertion's Nano-X Possible Fix

Okay so first off, the Enertion Nano-X controller is a pretty good remote. A while ago I lost it, found it, then dropped it and now it turn on. Around 10 minutes ago I put it on the charger just to see what would happen and the red blinking light turned on which is good in my opinion (at least it works lmao). I just opened it up and saw that the battery’s red wire is separated from the circuit board. The upside about this is it’s very fixable, but the downside is I have barely any skills with soldering, and If i do solder it I’m afraid it won’t be good enough and break again in mid ride. I did solder one of those mini kits before and there were no problems with it, but I at least could mess that up lol. Should i go for it?

So yeah tell me what you think, should I risk it and solder it? It doesn’t look that hard to solder.

Super easy to fix, If youre not confident in doing it you can send it over to me

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I would definitely do it yourself as long as you have basic soldering skills.

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Had the same issue. Super easy fix. I recommend adding some nice double sided tape and not the cheesy stuff the original battery comes with.

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Okay everyone! It works now (I’m excited). The solder job is kinda messy but it doesn’t touch any other pins, I already tested it, and I made sure to angle the wire so it wouldn’t accidentally touch any other components. But yeah everything works and I’d say this was successful!

Looks like a cold solder joint from what I can tell (to an extent) have you tugged on it a little to make sure it dosnt come off? You will want to get your soldering iron hotter or leave it on the wire a bit longer.