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Enertion's ready to ride board

I demo’d the Boosted dual plus board for a week and loved it. In the end, however, I wanted a board that was more customizable (acceleration, top speed) and with a kick tail. The new carbon fiber deck from Enertion as a complete board looks perfect and same price $1500 usd.

A few questions, if anyone can answer.

-Boosted boards automatically slows down when the motors start overheating… i ran into this problem once when I was riding through hills. Will the VESC that comes with the Enertion do this?

-Boosted also says they have “traction control”, where if one of the dual motors detects slippage or loss of traction, it slows down so as not to jolt the rider when it regains traction. I noticed on sharp turns at full speed I was getting a bit of wheel slippage that freaked me out. Does the Enertion have this feature or can I program it somehow? Can I program each VESC separately so if one motor is slipping the other one can still run?

-Boosted’s Dual Plus in pro mode had great acceleration, will I be able to program Enertion’s to replicate that acceleration? What’s the top speed of Enertion? I know boosted dual plus in pro top speed is 20mph? My goal is to go 30mph/ 48km/h. Are the Dual 190KV R-SPEC motors the come with Enertion equivalent/ superior to Boosted’s?

What is the weight of Enertion’s complete build? With added range I assume comes added battery weight with Enertion.

Finally, what components are likely to break if I ride this every day to work? Should I go ahead and order extra xyz? ie belts? Do you think it comes with extra belts or different pulley’s so I can customize torque vs top speed… or can you choose the one? For 30mph/ 48kmh top speed I assume I can just use the 13t one so i can maximize torque…

Thanks for the help. I was literally going to start asking for recommendations on individual component parts… but then i saw Enertion’s ready-to-ride option. (Oh, I had one post on this forum before and after demoing Boosted I realized how bad of an idea trying to put Carver C-7 or Carver Cx trucks on an electric board is… at 20mph you don’t want maneuverable trucks).


As you may know I am the designer of the board & will build it by hand if you order it.

Here are the answers.

Over heating, Yes it does have temp sensor! too hot and it will ease off
Traction Control, Yes it does have it. honestly i don’t see how it is that useful… i have it turned off. But it is easy to turn off/on
Great Acceleration, this board will rip you a new one.
Weight, 7.5kg
What will break, the belts are probably the most exposed thing… I have never broken one on a “road board” normally little rocks are the culprit, so avoid riding on heaps of little rocks.

It is a good solution if you couldn’t be f#%ked trying to build a complete board!.. It is the culmination of well over 12 months of trial & error finding the best possible parts imaginable…

This board is truly a work of art!

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I will also say the R-SPEC motors are far superior to boosted board’s offering. Boosted’s motors are both either 50mm or smaller in diameter, while the R-SPEC is 63mm.

What does this mean? bigger magnets and coils, which ultimately results in more power!
You are talking 2x 2400w motors for a total of 4800w with the R-SPEC vs boosted’s combined 2000w (dual 1000w).

Don’t get me wrong, the boosted dual+ is sweet, but you will get WAY more bang for the buck with Enertion’s board-
I basically have all the components that make it up(same motor, battery, VESC, mount, etc), just laid out on my own deck in a single drive variant, and it’s a beast.

@onloop Oo thanks for sharing all the information, learned a lot from your other posts too!

@cmatson And thanks for the info about the motors, now I’m totally stoked about this!

@cmatson Boosted boards come with sensored motors, right? From reviews of oem e-boards I’ve seen, the boosted boards are always said to be the smoothest. Does the rspec 2.0 come in a sensors version?

i could have sensored motors, my motor factory can make the r-spec motors with them no problem, the motor controller supports it also. but i just dont think its needed… Maybe if i start mass producing the board i might just do it anyway as it doesn’t cost a huge amount more… but for now i just don’t see the benefit… i can start easily without sensors.

yep, pretty much what Onloop said- even with my single R-SPEC setup it can start me just fine without sensors.

Yup, and most of our builds with tacon Bigfoot motors can get us going without sensors too!

if you want to add hall sensors there is a kit from e0 designs that will allow you to add it to a brushless motor. You would need to wire it and configure VESC to utilize it, but it’s doable.

@onloop - would love to see your R-Spec motors have a sensored variant option.

Having ridden the dual+… it is the benchmark. Definitely the smoothest start. Would like to compare side by side with a sensored VESC board!

I recently modified my beercan board with a sensored motor and it’s running with a VESC (you can see it in my kids clip). You would not see any difference to the boosted board or evolve.

It’s much more powerful and responsive at higher speeds though while running the VESC in hybrid mode. I really think hybrid makes the difference! It’s just a nightmare to assign the right sensor cables without documentation as you can see.

Thanks for the insights! to order the extra belts that might break is it this one? htd5 9mm timing belt 265t. I figure I’ll have this board for years and I don’t want to pay the shipping to get it here if i break a belt. Anything else I should order? Thanks!

extra belts are definitely nice, and that’s really all you need extra.

I didn’t break a belt until I had ridden my board for almost a year, so they can last a really long time. They only tend to break after a couple months if you are riding on crappy roads, and they are constantly getting battered by rocks: Other than that, time is there only enemy. I’d say I got about 1,000 miles out of my first belt, but again, it can all vary.

@cmatson It also depends on the quality. Enertion’s belts are very thick and may last longer then thin belts.

Yes, I know. And I am using enertion’s belts, so I know it’ll perform the same.

That’s great. At least I know now that my belts will last a year if properly aligned. Thanks!

I wanted to buy your board so badly especially with the holyday discount, but I was super scared of the import duties to France… I start regret to have purchased all the component on not getting yours from the beginning !

I sold a few completes during the sale period.

10% is a massive discount… it would truly cover any taxes.