Enetion nano x or 17$ ebay mini? reliability

was wondering how much more reliable you all think the nanox receiver is compared to the cheaper ebay/ other receivers and if its worth it or if they all cut out every now and then?

Please use the search function. All the questions you made topics about are already being discussed here. Short answer: Mini remote has been proven to be the most reliable controller out there besides the GT2B. The Nano-X is a very nice controller and designed specifically for esk8 purposes.

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thanks for summarizing this for me.

Post a link of the ebay mini remote

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eBay miniiii

is this it?

that’s the one I was talking about

Thanks. Do you just use AA’s? How long do they last?

Believe it’s rechargeable

Awesome! Drop outs?

Bet you could miniaturize it further!

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That looks the same as the one I got from the eu group by. It uses AAs and I have never replaced the batteries so far…

Is this price at $17 a freak event or a sign of the future? I thought $35 was an ok price. anyone track down the bulk price?

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Holy sh!t, the best remote in the market just got cheaper

you can order one from @JLabs too, his are $30 USD

Ships from Hong Kong, so your looking a 3+ week delivery. If you have the time, looks good. There is just not warranty on the remote.

So basically for another $13 you get it in 2-3 days, with a warranty. In the end it’s up to you.

13 dollars is not worth the wait at all, I’ll gladly pay even 20 dollars more to get it in 3 days.

Maybe I’ll raise the price, lol! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I brought one and it arrived at my door in the UK from Hong Kong in a week. Although they did message me to say it would be 4 weeks when I brought it so not sure what went on but I didn’t question it.

In answer to the original question, its bomber and hasn’t failed me yet. Also it takes AA’s and I’ve never had to change them.