Engine Mountainboard Differential

I know this is a electric board forum, but I thought that you guys would be smart enough anyways to answer this as y’all are geniuses. I want to build a mountainboard with a 59ish cc engine. I would have the chain go down into a sort of axel to power both wheels (I don’t want a “one wheel drive” mountainboard), but the problem is then both wheels would always be spinning the same speed constantly, and decrease maneuverability and wear down the tires faster. I almost need a sort of differential system… anyone got ideas for a solution?

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I think your best bet is to find a gokart differential axle kit and modify it to fit the board. You will likely need to be able to fabricate metal plates to mount stuff, and probably need a welder

the easier solution is twin engine, one for each wheel.

If you’re wanting to solely use it in very off-road conditions, 4WD’s employ diff lockers. Maybe you don’t need a differential? Unless you’re on asphalt.

I have no idea how strong this is, but a go cart diff would be pretty heavy for a skate. +1 for the solid rear axle if all it’s going to see is dirt. Two motors would be tough to set up with synched throttle linkage, otherwise two throttles, haha


Why would you use fossil fuels?

If you absolutely must, then only use the fossil fuels to run a generator, and use an electric drivetrain.

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I get you’re b264 and this is what you do, but that’s literally even more inefficient and therefore has an even greater carbon footprint.


Nah, because it allows for easier full electrification once the dirty engine has a malfunction.

Plus, the performance will be twice as good.

or you could just repair the generator instead of throwing it out and wasting all the production and resources that went into building it?

The only reason you commented on this thread was to troll some guy about his choice of motor on his MTB. If you don’t have anything useful to say, why bother?

I thought my idea was very good and innovative, as we’ve seen no hybrid builds. I asked a legitimate question on the puzzling choice to use fossil fuels and suggested an innovative way to use them and get more performance.

You are just trolling me.

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As long as we are talking about hybrid builds, bump for jet turbine booster.


using “fossil fuels” has many advantages - mainly its much cheaper. Also, it will travel much further, and if I need to fill it up, I can just stop at a gas station and put a dollar into it. Those are the main reasons.

I like that idea. Lets do it! In fact, I’ll just make a flying board.

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Its not actually cheaper. The the board price is slightly more, but electricity to charge the entire battery is 5-25 cents at most. You also cant use it on sidewalks or most bike trails anymore if its gas powered.

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‎ Derailed

The engine board I designed is 500$, the electric one that is reliable enough would be ~1500% Also, it wouldn’t matter about sidewalks or what not where I am.

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My budget mtb was under 1k and is absolutely fine, its lasted forever. Buying brand name doesn’t always mean a better board

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thats awesome! would you be able to send me a parts list as to give me an idea? Motors, batteries, vesc, deck, wheels, etc?

please post the parts list for a $500 engine board. lol

Alot of it is personal preference, but i can link thr basic drivetrain.


Trucks wheels and mounts listing

Motor mount upgrade if you can afford it and dont mind dealing with diyeboard for 1 item http://www.diyeboard.com/all-terrian-motor-mounts-for-dual-belt-motors-p-711.html

If you can afford to buy any sort of chain drive 200x50mm wheels, you will be better off. Belt works, but chain is better for an mtb.

Honestly, the best motors are turnigy sk3 6374 149kv with a sensor added if you want. Go with the flipsky dual vesc 6, its high current which you very much need on an mtb. The battery should be able to output 100 or more amps and be atleast 10ah minimum on 10s or 12s. I would shoot for closer to 15 or 20 if you can afford it