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EOI carbon fibre enclousures

hey guys just seeing if there is any interest in custom made carbon fibre enclosures.
for their e-skate
something along the lines of what I have made for mine.

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YES… 100% yes! If you make them for the space cell you’ll sell heaps!

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I’ll make up a mould from the dimensions you have put up on the forum here and see how I go.

also if you made one for dual vescs and single vescs

just curious as to what you would see the difference is between single and dual?

I think just a wider back for the dual.

technically if the back was wide enough for dual VESC’s, you could just make that one enclosure for both dual and single configurations rather than messing around with two different versions.

well that’s what I was thinking… If I made one big enough to fit 2 in it then it could surely fit 1.

once I have a VESC in my hands then I might have more of an idea…

That’s what I’ve resorted to doing. With most builds trending towards dual it makes more sense.