EON Kickstarter

You guys see this yet? Kickstarter is blowing up https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rideunlimited/eon-by-unlimited-plug-and-play-electric-skateboard

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I love it in their video when they say “first bolt on kit” hahaha I dont think they have heard of Melo :upside_down:

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yeah totally. I’m more impressed with how much cash they’ve already got in so few days being up.

People just want a fancy video and electric board with bright orange wheels

I think it’s especially impressive how they managed to fit such a large number of cells, the BMS, and the ESC all into such a small package. Wonder if they use the VESC :smile:


seriously. so tempted to bullshit my way into $100K. I’m super good with a camera and bullshit. Maybe @RunPlayBack wants to get down with a dope scam :money_mouth: :joy:

I think they mean “first modular”

I’m pretty sure the guys behind this are on the forum…

i think you’re right. I seem to recall a CAD in the Pics Only thread

10 batteries?! This thing is so under-powered, even if it did have two motors. 1000watts my ass. make a good video and fill it with bull and put it on Kickstarter

sounds good. lets do it :smiling_imp:

And in the description put 25+ mile range (*downhill only)

Marketing crap. The best marketing video we could do is to buy this and every other commercial board and crush them going up hills. I don’t believe this thing could do the grade it even says. If these guys are in SF I’d like to see if they have the confidence to meet and compare. Doubt it.
If we did a video and compared and that simply was the Kickstarter video maybe people would understand I’m going to contact them and see if they’re still here and will come out.

No but that’s the only way I see that theyd get 15mile on a charge

for the record, their packs have the same 99Wh as Boosted’s which means at best the 2-pack unit is 198Wh. Those hubtors and their secret “OFOC” VESC sauce better pretty special. As @Hummie points out, marketing is easy. Proving it is another thing altogether. We just need some super-nerd genius to come up with a super-tits battery pack and we’ll all be saved. Calling all super nerds…

As stated, I remain skeptical. Here’s the specs from their site:

99 Wh Lithium-ion cells (10S - 37 V)
Meets IATA air travel regulations and includes a travel safety bag Charge time at 2A = 75min
Swappable: UNLIMITED range!

I wonder what those cells are. One set in series none parallel…either they will destroy the cells with any kind of a hill or it has extremely low amp limit and won’t go up the hill or go so slow the motor melts the rubber. . I’d like to see them try to go up some hills and take some temp readings. One small motor, so small you can even bolt the truck nut on…it pisses me off when people make a killing selling super weak stuff with bogus claims.

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sidebar – didnt realize you (carvon) were in Burbank. Maybe we can link up once I get my board together? I’d like to check out your hubz. I’m right by da beach, boyeeeee

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You guys better have a Starbucks in hand when you meet up with Jerry lol

Let’s hope it does soon. Although I think @joeadams101 is having board issues. I am too-- I’m without a power source and VESC ATM. @Michaelinvegas you gunna ditch your female and cruise with us??