Eovan GTO SILO: New Launching with gearbox transmission system

Gear Drive Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard

The Top Speed is 58km/h and the Range is More Than 65km

12S5P 21700 battery pack with a total capacity of 21AH

provide powerful range for smooth and long-lasting skating fun

gear drive system is made of 20CR MO TI material

higher efficiency and minimized belt wear or breakage during riding

What cells are in the battery?

Do you have any photos of the battery construction?

Does this exist yet? Why are there no photographs?

Are all the gears made from 20CrMoTi or only one gear?

What alloy is 20CrMoTi? What are the components to this alloy?

the molicel P42 battery~

I uploaded from their website and it’s not yet released.

gears are made of 20CR MO TI material

Oh I am seaching too, you can subscribe their website

What material is that?

What are the components?

example: Iron, 20%, Nickel 1.6%

But certainly one exists, right?

How come there are no photographs of this? Is it vaporware?

Couldn’t’ve you kept costs down somehow??

fifteen hundred for a board out of china isn’t going to sell like pancakes now is it?

here are some images about EOVAN GTO SILO Uploading: 组6.jpg…

Uploading: 8.jpg… Uploading: 组5.jpg…

the gear in the gear box

What number of gear is 20CrMoTi?

  • 1 gear 20CrMoTi
  • 2 gears 20CrMoTi
  • 3 gears 20CrMoTi
  • 4 gears 20CrMoTi
  • 5 gears 20CrMoTi
  • 6 gears 20CrMoTi

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It will be launched today! So excited to see that

Why are there no photographs?

Do you expect folks to think something is good if there are no photographs of the thing?

I have a bridge to sell you. It’s only a render, but I promise it’s there.

I asked and was replyed “20CrMoTi is composed of chromium, manganese, titanium alloy”

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