ePenny - first build complete

Just finished my first build. Wanted something to fit in a duffle bag so I can catch a train and ride the last 2-3miles of my commute on it. This thing is a little rocket ship that I haven’t been brave enough to test the top speed of yet. Only been on a couple of short shakedown rides so far but it’s quick and doesn’t seem to be too afraid of the hills I’m likely to face. (velcro being used until I’m confident the lid won’t come off the container)

22" Penny Caliber 50’s Abec 11 83mm 2 x 3s zippy 5ah TB high current switch Lock&lock lunchbox Enertion nano-x TB 36/16 pulleys VESC Shenzhen special voltmeter Proto boards mount TB 260kv motor


Wow! I haven’t seen anyone as brave as you to electrify a Penny-board. Like you mentioned that build must feel quite terrifying at the higher end of the speed range. Solid build.

Yep, could you tell @taity how does it feel riding it?

It’s hard to imagine for me… how it would be to manage/steer this thing… especially on difficult terrain where you have to avoid potholes etc… :smiley: though definately a nice thing to ride for smooth straight roads, I believe :slight_smile:

Lol that must be scary as shit!

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Those wheelz, look amazing!!! How’s the Nano-X going?

It rides surprisingly well from the little time I’ve spent on it. trucks make it more stable than the wibble-wobble stock ones. Still fairly agile too thanks to the short wheelbase. Taking it on the first commute (once it stops bloody raining) will be the true test but I’m quietly confident.

Nano-x is chooching for now but ive been through another nano and a diy nano before I got one that works.

Be wise and adjust the throttle control first before you hop on (with the Nano-X). In the fast mode (non-optimized) it could be a dangerous ride …

Thanks for the heads up, not sure what you mean though. Could you point me in the direction of the topic you’re taking about? Would be good to tone this puppy down a bit…

Check this out: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/has-anyone-tried-the-nano-x-yet/14712

Little update having taken this puppy on a few long rides. Managed to shatter the Tupperware by dropping the board, which pulled the tnuts through. Perhaps need something a little stronger…maybe a custom enclosure on the horizon.

Got that fixed up and today went for a big trip around London’s cycle routes. Did about 5mi total but only tracked about half of it. Got it really chooching on the cycle superhighway - 18mph and didn’t top it out…was bloody terrifying! Voltmeter is saying 50% remaining too which is stellar!