ePintail 10s LiPo 168kv sk3

Hi everyone, I’m here to present my first build, I’m very proud of it and I want to say thanks to the forum for making this possible. When I started building an electric skateboard I was focused on adding a motor to my Carver with a carbon fiber deck that I made some time ago, but I realized that I really liked to go fast and it wasn’t quite possible with this setup because it was really unstable over 20km/h. So I decided to go for a long pintail with 180mm trucks and the result is very good for me. This is the last iteration of a three months build but I have in mind some others improvements that I will explain later.

List of pieces:

  • 2x5s 4000mAh Turnigy Nanotech LiCo batteries HK
  • Focbox ekating.eu
  • Sk3 168kv motor HK
  • 75mm X-wheels
  • 116cm Ridge Pintail Amazon
  • 180mm Z-flex trucks
  • 12mm pulley HK
  • 2.4:1 reduction gear (adapted) HK
  • 12 AWG wires HK
  • custom motor mount
  • battery status indicator eskating.eu

The focbox, I bought form @fottaz (a great guy with a fantastic shop here in Italy), is running field oriented control and is awesome, it runs smooth and didn’t gave me any problem so far.

I choose this batteries essentially because they have a great charging rate rating so I can push a little bit more when regenerating, they are also quite light and small.

I’ve never tried a full 100% to 0% battery test because I don’t want to stress the batteries too much and I don’t have a datasheet that tells me how much I can go deep with my discharge (if someone has it please let me know) but I reached 8km with 38v still in the batteries so I think I can reach like 12km safely.

The battery case is CFRP, I made the mold with wood and a local shop that works with racing cars laminated and cooked it for me.

The next step I have in mind is to change trucks with Paris or Caliber that have a constant section and make a CNC motor mount. I’m looking also for a BMS to pair with this batteries, but for the moment I balance charge every time my batteries.