Epoxy filled 3d printed motor mount

Hey! So I was looking into 3d printed motor mounts and it’s pretty obvious that even a 100% infill there just not gonna hold up. So I looked into how to strengthen 3d parts and I came across this guy who filled his parts with epoxy/fibre glass. What’s your guys opinion on this? Better yet has anyone tried it ? content://media/external/file/224464 Screenshot_2018-12-02-11-02-21

What are you basing this on? Just curious, as I have had other experiences.

Just other posts no practical experience. I would love it if they do hold up!

I used to make mounts using resin with carbon and Kevlar. Made a 3 part mold the hanger would go into and voila image image image


Seems like a metric crap ton of work to save a couple of bucks on one if the cheapest things to buy when building an esk8.


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There is absolutely possible to make a functional 3D printed motor mount, if using the right filament and designing it right. However, if you just want a standard caliber mount, its both cheaper and more time effective to just buy a pre-made one.

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I’ve yet to see a printed mount that lasted. Maybe with the right fancy filled filament possible on a fancy printer.

It was a lot of work at first but once you’ve made the mold it’s not hard to stick some carbon and Kevlar and the hanger in, mix and pour the resin, vacuum resin, pour resin in mold, vacuum the mold, and then when cured drill the holes with a hand drill

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Both me and others have had success with Taulman 910 filament. The filament is a bit on the expensive side, but nothing crazy. I am printing on my $400 printer, so no fancy here either.

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And it will absolutely deteriorate faster than metal. Just because you can do something and it works for 20,50, even 100 miles doesn’t mean anything when it critically fails going down a hill.

And this is coming from the idiot that rides on printed gears far more than I’d care to admit.

Have any pics? I didn’t realize the printed mount could survive. At high heat?

Have you looked into @Boardnamics mounts? You can get one for $15 and it’s solid CNC-machined metal.

If you wanted to go this route, I’d think wrapping it with carbon fiber would be stronger than filling it with epoxy.


Check out Der6FingerJo’s e-mtb mount.

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Would love to see your mount and hear your thoughts on best practices. Even though good mounts are cheaply available for caliber 2 trucks, there have got to be some of us out there that want to experiment with different trucks and 3d printed mounts might be a great option in that situation

For my trampa mount i used Taulman 910 at either 100% concentric infill, or something like 10 walls and 100% lines infill for the rest. The thickness of my mount was like 11mm thick tho, so its like $10 in only filament for a single mount. In other words, its not cost effective when there are so many well prices metal mounts out there.

An alu mount is 15$ dude

I just bought $1000 in Sugru to build my own deck, didn’t want to bother with investing in woodworking tools and forms. :smiley:


You are probs better off buying some scrap metal and cutting/ filing that until it fits your needs. Here’s my attempt, I needed reverse mounts for hobbyking trucks, turned out pretty well for a hacksaw, grinder and file job

Oh yeah and these cost me $4 for the aluminium clamp, the steel plate was some scrap square tubing, and the paint I already had. Total price - $4





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