Erpm limit for esc


Just wondering if ecss other than a vesc or focbox have an erpm limit. If so what is the usual limit?


They all have different limits. I’ve seen a list out there maybe at Bavaria motor construction site.

Ok thanks man, most wouldn’t be as low as the vesc though, would they?

No idea. What u making? For an eboard its regarded as best rightfully so

Not sure the info will make much difference anyway because you cant adjust your erpm max on RC hobby esc’s

Ok thanks. I was thinking about using a 245kv sk3, 8s and just didn’t want to go over the erpm limit of the esc/vesc.

the ERPM limit you are talking about is specific to the VESC. Not other ESC’s. Yes you can kill ESC’s for a number of reasons - but it can be many reasons.

Thanks to @chaka - he shared that he found a pretty hard limit to ERPM’s with the VESC (60k ERPM) - after exceeding it is pretty much guaranteed to fry the DRV chip specific to the VESC hardware.

New VESC 6 does not have this limit.

Ok, I might wait for the new Vesc to come out, thanks

245 will not hit the limit in the vesc, you can go as high as 260kv with 8s

Ok, thanks. I was also looking at the maytech 12s airplane escs and uploading a new program onto them as that’s what another user did and said they were great.

I was under the presumption that helicopter/airplane ESCs didn’t have brakes. I honestly wouldn’t use anything besides the VESC as I’m a speed demon and wouldn’t trust an R/C esc with my life.

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Ok, thank you I will have a look at a vesc I am also just not sure if I should use it with 8s as I might draw to much current

Nah you’ll be fine. VESC can handle 50 continuous but 240 burst. You’ll likely not be drawing that much in any real world scenario.

Ok thanks, I only weigh 60kg so I should be fine?

Yea, you’ll be fine. Get a VESC if you can afford it.

Ok yeah I will. This will be for my next esk8 and it’s going to be better quality than my budget board, link to it below