Erpm only 7000 and motor wont detect

I just started testing my esk8 and found a problem. The erpm is only 7000 and the vesc wont detect the motor.

I think it would help if people knew your set up and maybe some pictures

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+1 to what @Nix said

click on terminal and type in “FAULTS”

wait a second… it says your only running 6.4v… Is that true?

If that’s what your meaning to do: You might get 5mph on flats Lower the minimum input voltage to below 6.4v volts if you want it to “work”

i have two 3s batterys what should it be

It should be at 24v

looks like you may have a weak connection somewhere. Do you have an antispark loopkey installed?

no but i have a 4mm hxt bullet to xt 60 then xt 60 to xt 90

i also had to fix a bulet connector on the motor they sent me it had solder in the wrong end.

Unplug, wiggle and replug all your connections. If you have a 24v pack and a bad connection, it may be sagging under load.

allright ill try that

i just notice the battery connectors get 3/4 of the way in the parallel connector then stop

Wait wait… parallel connector?

i think its a parallel connector

post up a picture please.

its a parallel i must of order the wrong thing

this is probly what i should of ordered

parallel should still be giving you 11 volts…

but series is what you need