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ESC and motor problem - no connection

I just bought a new set of electronics for a new e-board. I fell into problems when i should connect the motor to the ESC. The ESC can turn on but it will not recognize the motor. A red and a blue led is flashing which means it is its sensored mode - which I really don’t get since it is a sensorless motor.
The ESC is a 120A Alien Power Systems ESC. (
The motor is a Turnigy G110 Brushless Outrunner 295kv (

I actually also have another problem. I can’t seem to get my transmitter to bind to my receiver… I am using a Quanum 3ch Car transmitter (

Do anyone know what is wrong? Is it possible that the problems are connected?

Motor wont work with ESC (no responds) if you cant even get your transmitter working / binding.
You will need to test your motor and esc with servo tester or another transmitter.

So I first have to fix the transmitter/receiver problem?

Yes. ESC blinking lights doesnt mean that its running on sensored mode / sensorless mode. Most of the time ESC blink within 1.5 second interval is because it’s searching for transmitter - receiver connection. Also what I do know is that if you plug in the sensor, it will use sensored operation otherwise it goes with sensorless.

Yes you have to bind it first and check your transmitter manual.

I’ve also noticed Quantum has also been somewhat faulty. I’ve got a lot that just don’t work.

Thank you for your help guys! Thinking back I should have bought a different transmitter/receiver system… I just liked the fact that it was small. I think I will buy a better one and maybe build a new case for it :slight_smile:

I would highly recommend a FS GT2-E Transmitter. Reliable as hell and there is already an enclosure mod.