ESC braking and throttling up without even the remote on, really dangerous

As much as I love the electronic speed controllers, my experience on an electric long board is slowly becoming a mental game of what will go wrong and when… This is the second ESC that obviously has some serious problem. Sometimes when setting up the remote the throttle/brake bar in ESC is going crazy from one side to the other, it takes several apply, apply, apply and sometimes it goes to normal, sometimes it stays the same, sometimes it jumps to the conclusion that my center of throttle is at 80%… Also even with control on OFF the motor will spin when I pres the throttle. I first thought it is the remote, I have the alien power systems remote… SO I bought a new RC remote, went fine for two days and today it started to happen again. Sporadic throttle where it keeps cutting out (just the throttle not the esc) and sometimes throws a little or more braking into it… So it goes throttle cut out, throttle kicks back in, brakes, speeds up… I brake, the ESC cuts off for more than 500 ms which is my settings for reboot. … Then it’s working for a few minutes and then again… It always happens in slow speeds or when just freewheeling without using the remote or slowly speeding up from a slow speed… I am not getting these cheaper ESCs anymore, I ride sometimes 50 km/h and a spontaneous brake or anything will cost me my health or my life. I need something reliable… I have ordered focbox and might Trampa;s VESC and I hope my concerns will go away… My question is, how reliable are ESCs and which are those real VESCS ? (I weight 54 kg and have been riding only on superb bike paths 90 percent of the time… It’s not like I am destroying the stuff… I don’t mind something braking from time to time, that’s just a pain in the ass… But things like throttling up and braking as a fault that is certain death

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sounds like a remote problem. the chances that 2 different vesc behave in the same erroneous way is unlikely. You should have no problems setting up your remote. Maybe the transmitter is broken or wrongly connected, wrong channel ect ect.

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That’s what I thought and that’s why I bought a new rc remote… does the same thing… When I turn the remote off the motor keeps jittering

My first ESC wouldn’t go through motor setup and it kept turning on only sometimes, the second one does this… I have to say they were not new, about one year old… I am just worried about these problems happening more than once in a life time…

What remote are you using? The new and the old one

i would try tweaking the input deadband. but ya resetting controller is not a good thing if thats whats happening. pix also

first I used this

and then I bought this

I mean if it was the remote it wouldn’t make the ESC cut off… And two remotes in a row…

nothing in console “faults”? if its resetting u might not see the error also

I have focbox coming in two days… That will clearly tell if it was the ESC

I haven’t got the chance to connect it yet but I will do and see if there are any errors

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A VESC is very reliable! Posts like yours shine a bad light on the VESC-Project and the VESC hardware! You are referring to a third party piece of hardware as a VESC. It is no VESC, it’s a whatever ESC. You should call your hardware by it’s bloody name, so that others have a chance to identify the manufacturer. Obviously it’s a cheap derivate you are running, not a VESC.


yes VESC is reliable :smiley:, i dont think @Pantata intentionally knew or clarified brand. I started with flier esc thinking it was vesc forever… but i get your frustration. :sweat_smile: so many speed controllers now its crazy

Sensor / sensorless motors? Did you run detection? I’ve haf my.motos moved when remote is off. That was because bad sensor wires.

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I thought I specified it was diyelectricskateboard torque ESC. Who sells the real VESC?

oops… ok, nevermind

runnins BLDC sensorless. Everyhitng was working for several hunderds of km… so It’s not like I set it up wrong… And Vesc cutting out after freewheeling and using a little brake… that’s just weird…

ya get pix of settings asap, and of your rig . :smiley:

Check for debris on pcb. Type faults in terminal. Very hard otherwise just guessing the issue.

I edited my posts… not to mislead…

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