Esc cutting out

So I have noticed when out and about on my board powered buy a goolrc car esc and a 245kv motor which is geared 16t-32t. Every now and then when I apply throttle two quick it will cut out then carry on. I’m not sure whether it’s geared a bit high and it drawing to much current and the esc is cutting it to not damage it. Anyone had anything similar at all. Not a huge issue but today I needed to move out the way of a car and it cut slightly but then carried on. It’s not a signal issue I know that for sure.

It happens to me to. Has to do with hitting the over current protection I believe. I mean the difference between mine and yours is mine has straps, so if I hit the over current protection, I don’t go flying off my board (which happened to me before I put them on… it was a bad fall) and it also allows me to short stop a lot better because I won’t fly off doing that either.

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can you upload a pic of your settings?

I’m having this same issue. Very unsettling at best. Are you using the “winning” remote also? There seems to be a few people with this same connection/delay problem…

Not I’m using another brand but it’s not the controller it’s the esc and I’m sure it hitting the current protection just wanted some other views first thing next esc will get a better one and see how it goes brakes fine but just throttle it throws you some times. Haven’t fallen off because of it through but I have purchased a programmer so will see what the throttle curve is like and see if I can make it a bit better for now.

Not a vesc its a Rc car esc but unsure on the settings as haven’t plugged the program card in its just default

sorry…i somehow went over that…

No problem I’ve done it before.

Have you tried a 5 dollar capacitor. Plugs in to any port on receiver. Ensures proper and stable voltage. Google capacitor and receiver.

It’s not the reciver but the bec on the esc is 6v so should be more than enough even if it was struggling.

Happens to me on my car esc if I’m over geared