A small recap of the dual ESC V2.1 from


  • very nice FOC-mode (nearly noisless)
  • “handbrake” - function (push brake during standstill and the board will not move at all)
  • integrated RF
  • integrated powerswitch
  • pricepoint: $88.00 incl. shipping for a dual motor controller!


  • as far as i can tell the throttle control is some kind of limited speedcontrol (not current) which reduces the acceleration. (see video: ESC V2.1 vs vesc[BLDC])
  • the productkiller in its current stage is braking: while braking works, the transition from idle to breaking is very sudden and not nearly as smooth as a vesc2.18.You really have to brace yourself for each breaking maneuver in order not get thrown of the board.

If diyeboard enables a way to change the breaking behaivour (customizable firmware etc.) this driver would be awesome. But in its current state im going back to vesc’s

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Totally agree, you absolutely need smooth brakes especially if you are going very fast.

its so good you cant program a voltage

I have used Esc’s that where programmable and no matter how it was set, the brakes where still terrible and even dangerous There is just nothing like a Vesc


You have to solder it. Oldskool. Don’t know who actually manufactures these escs, but you will find multiple brands/resellers and a large variety of different Chinese ESKs incorporating these.

Another downside would be 25a per motor max.