ESC Dual motor (reliable 12s lipo)

I am looking for an ESC that will handle a skateboard with dual 6374 motor 190k . My gearing is approximately 1:5 with 8 inch pneumatic tires and I’m planning on running it on a 12s lipo set up. I apologize if this has been asked an answered many times. I tried researching but I couldn’t find a definitive answer. I would appreciate any suggestions. I am open to using a combined ESC unit or two separate ESCs. Thanks


These will

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Hi…Not a specialist on this but rather I would go with 2 ESCs integrated through channel blending on the radio. That way you could change the blend proportion of the channels to make up for slight contrasts in engine speed.

Thanks Gary, I never thought of that, I will take your advice. I also think 2 separate ESC would be beneficial if only one broke, then I would still have one working ESC. I’m also working on another project with only two wheels: one hub motor in the front in a caster and one in the back that doesn’t swivel and it would be nice to be able to separate the ESCs to use on two different locations on the board.

Check this out,

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Thank you for telling me about the Focbox Unity. I was leaning towards using two separate ESCs; I’m not sure if I made the right decision or not but I already ordered 2 MakerX Mini FOC Plus ESCs. I guess I will find out soon enough if I made the right decision.

You’d need 2 esc’s (one for each motor) but I’m pretty sure they’d work… though I wouldn’t recommend it. Haven’t heard of those before and they likely wouldn’t be reliable enough and wouldn’t be worth it for a dual motor board. Better just get a single focbox for a single drive to get started IMHO.

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