ESC keeps beeping

One day when I started my electric skateboard I kept beeping after I turned it on. It is the ESC that is beeping, but I do not know why it keeps beeping. It is a repetitive beep, which sounds the same as when you turn on the ESC.

Here is a photo and a link to the ESC.



My memory is probably a low voltage alarm. When purchasing 6 cells, you have to set 8 cells, 10 cells, 12 cells.


@LunarKim is right, there are 2 or 3 solder pads that have to be connected or disconnected to determine the correct voltage. It should show on the ebay listing. If that doesn’t work, I found if there was a bad connection between the battery and the esc, a high resistance between the two, or batteries can’t provide enough amps, then the esc beeps.


Okay thank you! When I tried to connect the bms I got a short, but everything still seemed working, but apparantly I damaged the cells. I guess I have to buy two new 3s LiPo’s.

You’re lucky the building didn’t burn down…

What exactly do you mean by this?

Sorry men how could you fix this problem? @jimmaskell I am having the same problem, with the same anoying sound!

Second this. It’s not my battery or the voltage, even with the board upsidedown on my countertop it beeps repetitively every time I hit the brakes.

How is it? I mean the sound, is it like R2D2 speaking with you? Or just an annoying beep?

Seriously, if everything else is working fine i would just try to desolder the buzzer;)

It’s just an annoying repetitive beep. And unfortunately everything isn’t working. It doesn’t brake, it only beeps (even with both motors disconnected, so it’s not a braking-voltage-spike warning), and one motor won’t spin at all; it just beeps. So, I’ve got a quarter functionality I guess- I can go forward with one motor, but not stop haha

Hey man, sorry for the late respond, but I found out that it was a low voltage alarm. that’s because I’m using LiPo batteries, which tend to drop in voltage quite fast. So right now I’m looking into a voltage regulator to keep the voltage at a consistent level

I’m having the exact same problem. Did a voltage regulator do the job for you?

@Superchris No, because all the voltage regulator would do is produce a lot of heat and they are quite expensive for such high amps. Right now I’m gonna try to connect another two 3s in series and those in parallel if that makes sense, so the voltage curve is way nicer and the capacity is twice as big.

Ok, i’m running 2 4s 5000 mAh in parallel and i can’t stop the beeping. Guessing i have incorrect voltage.

@Superchris What voltage is the ESC rated for?

@jimmaskell It’s rated for 24V, 36V and 48V. That’s the problem. 2 4s in parallel is 14.8 V. I thought I could use it anyway, but i might have to buy another ESC.

@Superchris Yeah that’s the problem. Maybe you could try to put them in series, but I don’t know how the ESC will react to that.