ESC/Motor/Battery pack compatibility - sanity check

Hey, I’m working on getting together all the parts I need for a 2WD eMTB build and wanted to check with you all on whether or not you think these electronics will be compatible. Questions listed below:

  1. I plan to run a 12s5p pack made up of 21700-40T cells. This is where I plan to get the cells from. Does anyone have experience with this vendor, and if their cells are reliable?
  1. This is the ESC I plan to use. It’s rated at 50A. My question is if my battery pack will be supplying 175A max CC (175A/2=87.5A CC per ESC since 2WD) will this ESC be able to handle it?
  1. This is the motor I plan to use. It’s a 170kV sensored motor from Maytech. If it draws 60A CC is it okay to have the motor rated at a higher current than the ESC? I’m trying to calculate the rated power output of the motor and I’m coming up with 50A*43.2V = 2160W/motor, is this thinking correct?

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

18650 battery store is a good source. If you buy them immediately at the “deal of the day” price then it’s great, otherwise they have a wholesale cite with generally better pricing.

No, not even close, on 12S you’d need to be limited to something around 40A battery 60A motor for any sense of reliability. I would recomend something way stronger for an EMTB like this from MakerX or this from Spintend

This is a relatively good choice. Maytech has an established history.

Thanks so much @a13xr3! Would you be able to elaborate on your response to the ESC question? I see the ESC from Spintend looks like it has a 75V/200A capacity which is higher than the torqueboards one I was looking at before. But the MakerX one seems to have a 60V/100A capacity which I think is almost the same as stringing two of the torqueboards ESC’s together.

The main difference is the Spintend in 75V capable which is 15S vs 12S of the standard 60V esc like the MakerX. You only want to operate at about 85% of the max voltage, due to induction spikes from the motor anything that exceeds the max voltage of the esc will almost definitely fry it.

With the amperage, 200A Spintend is misleading in reference to the 100A of the Maker X. Some companies combine the amps of their dual channel esc’s into one rating and some do not. It is my understanding that the Spintend and MakerX are both 100A per side, so 200A motor total capability. With reference to the single TB esc, one half of either of these dual esc’s is 2X more powerful than the TB esc. And both have vastly superior cooling with the aluminum heatsinks around them.

Awesome, thanks! That all makes a lot of sense. I see Spintend is fairly new in the ESC marketplace, do you have experience in their reliability?

As far as long-term reliability, I do not. Both of those ESC’s are brand new. But MakerX does have a track record. I personally have used a makerX 4.20dual which has been reliable. But from friends who have received both of these esc’s the spintend is impressive right off the start, and both live up to the claimed 100A motor amps.

Thanks for all the info :slightly_smiling_face: very much appreciated