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Esc only beeps using servo tester

Hi looks like I did the unthinkable. My sk3 motor was a beast working normally till I reverse the output current to my old Esc. Nothing happen even the servo tester was not powered. Next I realised that I plugged the positive output to black and negative output to red. Then I went back to my good working Esc. The servo tester lid up and the Esc keep beeping with sounds I never heard of. And motor is not spinning. Did I screw up the servo or the motor. Esc is fine actually as it’s a new one and tested it. Please tell me it’s the servo that is not working. Need expert advice Thanks

No one can give advice from the info you gave… You fail to list the type of ESC… And also I have a hard time following… you basically reverse voltaged your ESC? It’s probably toast, capacitors don’t like reverse voltage

You switched your + and - on your receiver? I did that before as well and it was still working after, but got pretty hot. Depending on which receiver you use I would start with ordering a new receiver with the hope it will fix the issue.

Surprisingly it worked. It’s beeps with a different tune now. Don’t know why. I am electric

Now it works fine. Now I have extra servo testers