ESC only powering on with BMS bypass, but does not turn on through the BMS!

Hello! My ESC wont turn on if I discharge it through the BMS. When bypassing the BMS and connecting the ESC directly to the battery, the ESC will power on. But when going through the BMS the ESC wont turn on. I need help to figure out why!

Your bms isn’t rated for discharging the current your esc wants and is cutting it off. I recommend keeping it bypassed.

Could the BMS be shut off?

The BMS will not power the VESC if the cell voltages are not all correct.

Did it turn on, and now after a skate it doesn’t, or never turned on through the BMS

Hello, bypassing the BMS worked, but now I wonder if regenerative breaking will work? I took the -p connection and moved it over to the -B to bypass the bms.

Can you charge it through the BMS? (Using the charge port)

Regenerative breaking will work, your ESC is directly connected to your battery.

Yes I am charging through the BMS!

Bad drawing ik.

Then your battery is okay! If this refuses to charge, this will indicate you have an issue with your battery.

Now your skateboard will not stop if there is a battery/BMS issue.

This is recommended for your safety, not the safety of your battery.

It is known as a ‘charge-only BMS’ or discharge-bypassed. Most people wire it like this from the beginning.