ESC Options besides vesc for high rpm motors

Hay guys I’m trying to find a solution for a super light weight setup that goes about 15mph. I heard the vesc has problems with higher rpm motors. So I’m looking for other options. Going for a 6s setup or less if possible. The motors I’m planing are using are 500-600kv.

I’d say just using a normal RC car ESC would work, I know they work with Kv motors in the thousands so it should work fine. Though why are you using such a high Kv motor in the first place? And does the VESC really not work well for higher Kvs I’d like to hear more from other people.

Oh I’m using a high rpm because the motors are way lighter which translates into a lighter set up its for a 80lb/40kg person so torque is not really a issue.

260kv 1:3ratio 6s boom 25mph. u dont need to go that high kv

Even for someone that light those motors might not produce enough torque although it will depend on your gearing and wheel size. I would not go over about 350kv

if u go high rpm u loose more energy to heat and friction. it will loose much range

these have been thrashed and abused by the best. I’ve never read of one being roached?

not the cheapest option but it is also water proof…

Power has nothing to with KV. The motors are all identical as long as the copper fill is identical. Weather you use a longer and and thinner wire or a shorter and thicker wire doesn’t matter for the motor. High KV just puts more strain on the ESC and Battery. In consequence a high KV setup needs a stronger battery, which is heavier (more cells in parallel).

If you want it light and slow you need to limit amp flow and choose a low KV motor, not a high KV motor. In that case you can use VESC-based HW, offering all the benefits it brings on the table.


Oh umm I want to use 6s max though so I can use rc charger balancing. And whats this VESC-Based HW?

He just means a type of Vesc

Oh ok lol I didn’t even know there are different vesc’s aren’t they all the same?

You can use any quality HW offering vendor offering VESC-Project based ESCs. I would invest in a quality product - there are some options on the table. Search the Forum… The 4.12HW probably does the Job to get started. Our VESC SIX might be overkill, but if you have the cash, it’s also an option. Would be very smooth and bullet proof. The hobby ESCs are very aggressive on the throttle and brake, you can’t adjust them properly, since they are voltage controlled and not current controlled. Such an ESC is a simple rpm adjuster only. There is no smart software behind these products allowing a reasonable adjustment of relevant parameters. You can adjust any VESC-based ESCs in a wide range, allowing settings in a range from from child friendly to rocket boost.


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For 6s this is good:


Just got back from a ride with a dual Max6 — tearing up a golf course :slight_smile:

Do I just have the wrong controller or something? Is my board too heavy? I get almost knocked on my arse every time I touch the throttle. I am trying to like ease into the throttle and sometimes I can get that to work. I feel like maybe my mistake with this build was that I got a Trampa Long deck + TB motor mount… it was my first noob build so I had no clue. I got a deck that is heavy and TB motor mount is heavy… so I feel with my weight on it (80-82 kgs with gear on)… the board doesn’t move and then BAM each time. I had my buddy try it out. We figured out a trick where you can roll your thumb so slowly on the accelerator that the jerkiness doesn’t happen. It’s easier on the grass, on the pavement its a hit or miss if the jerky takeoff can be avoided :frowning: FYI I did set the punch on the Max6 to level 1 (the lowest).

This is my controller:

Maybe I should switch remotes?

did you calibrate ppm?

what is that? I am looking at the HobbyWing program card… options #1 to 11. That’s not on there

oooohhhh thought you were using vesc. Is there a throttle trim on the remote? any sort of dials?

Nope just forward and back. I tried Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B+A + start… no use.

Ok that was a reference to a video game before your time… likely :wink:

But seriously… you think it’s the remote?

No I think it’s because that ESC simply isn’t made for EBoards so it has a lot of kick and very fast ramping. Though did you calibrate your throttle end points? If not I’d recommend doing that and see if it helps.